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CM needed in Wootton Bassett (Swindon) with vacancy for 1 yr baby pls..

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teatree · 22/03/2007 15:01

I am looking for a CM in Wootton Bassett or alternatively around Brooms (Pipers Way, close to Old Town ) swindon who has a vacancy for 1 yr old as well as has some other kids/babies (even one is good than none!) We found a lovely CM here locally (WB) but she unfortunately has no other kids to look after and we want ds to have some company as he loves to be with babes/kids. So we were forced to looked for a nursery but i still think CM is a better option for him and if thinks do not turn out well in his settling in sessions (just started yesterday) we want to make appts with CM to start beginning of April, latest mid april as I need to go back to work 10April.
The company I am working for is based in Pipers way, so we might as well go for a CM in this area if Wotton bassett has really no CM left to look after ds
pls help, I am really not comfortable about nursery.. although it is meant to be a good one.. thanks in advance

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Boobsgonesouth · 22/03/2007 15:06

....if you cat me I can put you in contact with a couple of ladies...we moved from the area to Somerset last October..the 2 childminders that I used were fantastic.....

teatree · 25/03/2007 11:04

hi boobsgonesouth (nice nickname btw)
sorry for late response, my inlaws are here to visit and i had no time to check e-mails..
yes, it would be fantastic to get some recommendations, i would so much appreciate that! but what do you mean with 'cat me'? sorry im a bit new to mumsnet, did not understand what you mean..
my e-mail address is [email protected], if you could contact me i would love to find out about your childminders.
Thank you so much in advance, i am in a panic already as after two settling in visits at nursery i am more convinced that CM will be better for DS. I observed that staff is very nice but there is no interaction with babies whatsoever.. and i didnt like this.. am i expecting too much ?

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brunettemum · 25/03/2007 17:18

Hi Sengul... you have mail!


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