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question for childminders

20 replies

shinypeople · 20/03/2007 21:55

If the children you mind are poorly and you subsequently can't look after them, do you still get paid?

How does it work if the children are sick?

OP posts:

Katymac · 20/03/2007 21:56

No - that's why we send them home when they are ill - so we can stay well


princesscc · 20/03/2007 21:59

My contract states that if I am ill I will not charge, but if mindee is ill and therefore unable to come to me, I still charge, as I am available to work.


dmo · 20/03/2007 21:59

yes the children i care for pay full fees when they are off (due to illness or holidays)


Katymac · 20/03/2007 22:01

Oh I thought you ment we couldn't look after them cos we got ill

If the mindees are ill - they still pay

If I don't work - I don't get paid



Jackmummy · 20/03/2007 22:01

If the child is at home because they are sick I get paid. IF it is because I am sick, I don't get paid.


blodwen · 20/03/2007 22:05

Same for me too .


Earthymama · 20/03/2007 22:43

Me too (I HATE the childminder, and Claude, in that show)


Katymac · 21/03/2007 07:34

What show Earthymama?


KaySamuels · 21/03/2007 08:26

Yes I still get paid if mindees are ill, no pay if I am ill. Think most CMs do this.

Oh yes me too gets right on my nerves! That persona doll claude is just plain strange!


dmo · 21/03/2007 09:39

well i have an empathy doll got it given on the course i was on on sat (doll is £90)
think the parents will think i'm loopy when it comes out properly
basic it has to have its own file with its own history (my boys called ours Tommy)

when the children get into it they can have sleep overs but tommy has to have his own overnight bag with toothbrush etc

some childminders even buy car seats for theirs and sit them in the double buggy to go to toddler groups


KaySamuels · 21/03/2007 12:42

I like the idea of one but not the practicalities! (sp?) Think they have great benefits for the kids but where would I put one? My house is already over run with toys, books, seperate towels, etc.

LOL about putting in double buggy! The gossipy mums at school would have a field day with that!!

What is tommy like? Hopefully more visually pleasing than claude...I always think he should be a child not an adult IYKWIM.


dmo · 21/03/2007 14:54

tommy is about 2-3 yrs old
with dark skin and hair
kids seem to like him
little girl aged 1 has been loving him today


saltire · 21/03/2007 18:27

The more things I read from you all the more unsure I am about registering when I move!.
Empathy dolls! Whatever next.
DH keeps asking me if I'm going to start hugging all the mindees parents like Isa does in Me Too.
I know her name isn't Isa in the Me Too show, but i cannot remember what her name is supposed to be and she will always be Isa to me!


saltire · 21/03/2007 18:27

Did that make sense?


Earthymama · 21/03/2007 18:33

What course did you get the doll on? Why did you get the doll?
Did you say you have to fill in a file of paperwork for the doll?
EM runs and hides from the doll!!
Any links to show us what's going on


alison222 · 21/03/2007 18:37

Very rarely watch TV with mindees so haven't seen the show, but What course ? What doll?

I have never heard of an empathy doll. Please do explain


KaySamuels · 21/03/2007 18:44

Aww! you little mindee sounds sweet dmo. Good freebie then! Think if I got one it would have to be house bound tho, maybe I could say it's his job to keep the cat company? Like the idea of a toddler sized one!

Saltire whenever I see her grabbing them and hugging them I cringe! Fair enough with the kids but my mindee parents would die of shock if I grabbed them for a hug!
Oh and her name is 'granny murry!'


saltire · 21/03/2007 19:50

What worries me as well is that I shall be moving into a married qusrter, which are notoriously small! Hope it has a downstairs loo! Would make things easier.

Kay, your right, Granny Murray!


Rubybees · 21/03/2007 20:54

LOL at the quarter thing they are so small all I ask for is a separate dinnig room as DHE laughed lots


dmo · 21/03/2007 20:59

tommy stays home to look after the toys (not lugging him round people wont send their kids to me might think i'm boncers)
it was a support cm meeting
always get freebies forbeing a support cm got 2books too, one about the brain and the other was a arts/crafts book

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