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CM Club - claim for these???

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looneytune · 18/03/2007 14:08


I've just put together a laptop for childminding and wondered if I'm able to claim anything on expenses? I've spent money on extra memory that was required for the laptop and a network adapter which means the laptop is on the network so they get on the internet, print things straight to the printer upstairs etc.

So, as these spends were for the childminding laptop, can I claim anything for them on expenses? And if so, how much do you think I can claim? The whole lot?


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hilda258 · 18/03/2007 15:32

I have started putting through everything that I buy that is used for childminding.

looneytune · 18/03/2007 20:03

Well, I did think I should be able to as it is purely for the mindees. I'm just building a pc for ds for his birthday so he will use that and I'll be using my own pc/laptop.


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alison222 · 18/03/2007 20:55

I'd say yes if it is purely a childminding laptop then all of those costs should be allowable
There is a rule about "wholely and exclusively" when deciding if you can charge an expense.

nannynick · 18/03/2007 23:03

Assets and Depreciation

The above article may be of help. It is not childminding specific, but aimed at contractors. My gut feeling (not being an accountant) is that the principle involved could be used by childminders - any accountants out there? A computer could be written off over a 3 year period, using 'straight line' depreciation, but it must be for exclusive use of the business.

Katymac · 18/03/2007 23:10

It would be a capitol cost

The way to tell is
a) if it costs more than £100
b) is expected to last longer than a year

If it's both it is a capitol cost if it's either it's probably a capitol cost

Nick is right it will be depreciated (it's quite easy)

looneytune · 19/03/2007 01:38

Thanks. It's less than £100. Off to bed now but will look at that link in the morning, thanks Nannynick

OP posts:
alison222 · 19/03/2007 13:10

I am with my other hat on an accountant.
I am not a tax expert however before everyone comes running .
Nanny nick is right about capital costs.
I was assuming from the OP that the costs were not too big and you were using an existing laptop but turning it onto one used exclusively for childminding.

looneytune · 19/03/2007 13:41

Now I'm lost. I am using an old laptop I had and just bought some bits to make it work. Using it soley for childminding.

OP posts:
alison222 · 19/03/2007 13:48

Then yes charge the additional costs you have incurred against your profits if they total less than £100.00

If they are over £100.00 then spread the cost over their expected useful life - so if you tihink you will need to relpace them in 2 years cherge half now and half next year.

Does that make sense?

alison222 · 19/03/2007 13:49

sorry abut spelling - I guess you can work out what I meant.
Must preview first

looneytune · 19/03/2007 13:57

Oh yes, deffo under £100, it was only a bit of memory and card for networking. Thanks for your help

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