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Hollylou - did you make a decision about mindees?

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blodwen · 13/03/2007 20:53

Just wondered whether you had decided to have the siblings or the 13 month old, and how you got on with telling parents - if you want to tell us, that is. Don't feel you have to answer though .

OP posts:

Hollylou · 01/04/2007 11:04

Hi blodwen
Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner and thanks for thinking of me. Yes I did make a decision and took the siblings. This was largely based on the fact I was able to help the mother of the 13 mnth old find another childminder...but was unable to find anyone to take the siblings when I asked around locally. It was a pretty unpleasant situation all round I have to say...but thanks to all of you that I found out what a pickle I was in just in time!
Anyway, I'm now officially 'minding'. Did my first full week last week and things seemed to go fine. Have another two older children (8 & 11) start with me after school, after Easter.
I do have a question to put to you all - how much would you normally charge for petrol? The 3 yr old I am looking after goes to preschool on a Monday morning only at the moment although will go 5 mornings a week from Sept and they live in the next village (about 4 or 5 miles away). I've already told mum that I will be charging for petrol once I start to pick her up from there after Easter and she is fine with this. Dad drops her off there in the morning - I'm required to do just the pick up at lunchtime. Just wondered what you all think is reasonable?

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