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BBC Breakfast Tue-13-Mar-07

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nannynick · 13/03/2007 07:26

If you watched BBC Breakfast this morning you may be wondering what they were talking about regarding tracking children's development and ratio changes(I was).
To me it seems to be discussion around EYFS, which the Government have been consulting since middle of last year.
A report has been published this month following part of the consultation.
EYFS Learning and Development Requirements Order
This follows on from the consultation on EYFS single quality framework
The Early Years Foundation Stage - consultation on a single quality framework for services to children from birth to five

OP posts:

Katymac · 13/03/2007 08:12

Nick - can you explain it to me.....I am feeling too delicate this am to struggle thro' all that governmentese........

Pretty please?


nannynick · 13/03/2007 18:17

I'm about as lost as you are on this one. From what I gather, EYFS replaces Foundation Stage Curriculum. It is in consultation at present, so I expect isn't reality until Sept 2008.

Accredited / Network Childminders I think from what it says are being phrased out, with then all childcare providers (so possibly including nannies) having to provide some level of education to the children for whom they care.

Anyone actually read all the consultation documents yet and understand it? Anyone able to explain in simple terms what it means and how it affects childminders and nannies?

OP posts:

SHOSHAlee · 13/03/2007 18:27

Nick will try and get hold of my Network Supervisor tomorrow and see if I can get any idea of waht will happen and when.


ThePrisoner · 13/03/2007 20:35

The BBC news website had this - makes for interesting reading.


Earthymama · 13/03/2007 23:06

I believe the reason people choose childminders to care for their children is the informality of the learning.

I do planned activities like craft and themes etc but the real learning is just the every day talking about things; stopping to listen to the sparrows in the hedge, looking at the bulbs coming up through the ground; counting our arms and legs as we put our coats and shoes on; singing as we walk around; being kind to one another; pretending to go to the shop and buy pretend things; the climbing frame at the park being a bus that you can drive to anywhere in the world........on and on.

They are little people experiencing the world and if anyone thinks I'm spending my time justifying what i do and recording what is both just everyday experiences AND leaning to live in this world they ccan go jump!!

And I've written and delivered loads of informal learning courses so I do value it but NOT for babies!!!!


ThePrisoner · 13/03/2007 23:46

I so agree with you Earthymama, but perhaps someone could tell Ofsted, the government and MI5 (or whoever). I am so sick of the continual pile of paperwork we have to deliver to prove that we do all the things you listed ... and then they go and decide to change things again. What a surprise.


Earthymama · 14/03/2007 09:53

Bump to ask parents 'what do you expect in the way of Formal learning for 3 yr olds and under?'

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