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how much

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hotmum · 12/03/2007 16:17

was considering becoming a childminder in the northwest (bolton) but have no idea what childminding fees are. I am a qualified nursery nurse with 15 years of nannying experience but now i have my own baby am considering this. I would be looking at first at one child full time so how much could i charge thanks lucy

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looneytune · 12/03/2007 16:54

Go on this website and put your postcode in. It will list current childminders so you can get an idea of fees and how many there are in your area.



dmo · 12/03/2007 16:58

hi i'm in Preston
i too was a nursery nurse for 12 yrs b4 becoming a cm
i charge £3 per hr per child

some cm have a fee for a full day but i find charging by the hour better i have lots of part timers which i perfer


hotmum · 12/03/2007 21:49

Thanks everyone i know who to come to if i decide to do it for advice x

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