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Can I afford a nanny in London?

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tonton · 08/03/2007 15:06

I'm currently weighing up my childcare options before I go back to work. dd1 is 6 and at school so needs care from 3.15 to 6 or 7pm. dd2 will be just 1 so needs all day care. I was considering a day nursery (£247 a week fulltime) and an aupair (£80ish a week) for the older girl and when we run late.

It will be a stretch financially but do-able.

Would a nanny be miles more expensive? We liove in south London and would consider live in or out.
If live in, it's not hugely luxurious but ok. Own room and share bathroom with the kids.

OP posts:

Mumpbump · 08/03/2007 15:09

Yes - £400 to £500 a week... Unless you can get a nannyshare which might bring the cost down a bit.


Eleusis · 08/03/2007 18:01

If it's live-in I think you could find a nanny for £300 per week, a bit less if you share her with another family a couple of days per week.

Offer her £200 plus room and board and get another family to cover the other £100 for a couple days care.


jura · 08/03/2007 18:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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