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cm's... talk to me about televisons...

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itsme123 · 07/03/2007 15:43

i have just been to see a couple of childminders and having never been to see a childminder before; i didnt know what to expect.
the first had her tv on when i got there and didnt turn it off. her mindees didnt watch it at all.
the second said she has it on every other day, for most of the day.

am i just being picky?

OP posts:
IdreamofClooney · 07/03/2007 15:58


I must say I wouldn't be keen on a cm having the tv on all day.

Just don;t think it's a good habit to get children into.

Fair enough to get the children to watch teletubbies or whatever as a wee break but having trisha, good morning etc on all day - no thanks.

No, not picky at all

ScottishThistle · 07/03/2007 16:02

I'd stear clear of any Childminder who had the tv on regularly!

I'm a Nanny & the tv is never on in the day unless it's for a particular programme for my charge.

mawbroon · 07/03/2007 16:18

I'm a CM and never ever have the tv on during the day. I would steer clear tbh.

ayla99 · 07/03/2007 16:45

not picky at all. I don't know any cm who would consider having tv on all day. I have had the opposite problem, with children bringing dvd's we don't have time to watch and complaining there's no tv in my playroom.

Occasionally, we might watch a prerecorded program such as Come Outside or Something Special but that's it.

hennipenni · 07/03/2007 16:46

I'm also a childminder, I do have the tv on but only for 20mins/half an hour whilst I make lunch.

star1976 · 07/03/2007 17:38

I'm a childminder and I tape 'Boo' for my DS and mindee, which we watch every day, but is on for just 10 mins! Rest of time TV is off.

mumlove · 07/03/2007 17:59

My dd (6) has the tv on first thing in the morning while the mindees arrive, other wise she hangs off my leg!
On the 2 days I mind a 3 yr old he watches 20 mins with me while the younger ones sleep.

itsme123 · 07/03/2007 18:05

thanks everyone! my dd isnt bothered about tv and i dont want her to get used to it. I have definately discounted them for a combination of reasons.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 07/03/2007 23:33

I know of childminders who have the TV on more than it is off, and it still amazes me that they can't see that this is not a great selling feature! Unfortunately, they often have plenty of work (because they offer very cheap rates).

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