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CM CLub - Arggggghhhhhh

9 replies

saltire · 07/03/2007 13:17

Oh. My. God. What a morning, I've had enough I really have. I want to go and lie down in a darkened room.

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 07/03/2007 13:19

can i come too? I'll lie on the floor quiet as a mouse you wont kno im there - promise!


saltire · 07/03/2007 13:20

The more the merrier, as long as you are all quiet and bring your own pillow

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 07/03/2007 13:20

come on then, what's your's been like? If you tell me your's i'll tell you mine........


saltire · 07/03/2007 13:26

It's just been one of those mornings. not helped at all by the fact that I feel absolutely drained, and have a headache.
Have only 2 mindees this week. Mindee 1, who is 2.3 and mindee 2 who is 2.9yr old. Before school I also had mindee 2's sister, who is, for want of a beeter word a difficult child.She went on and on "I've got a scooby doo scooter", over and over again, she really never stopped saying it, even when i was acknowleding her. Then when i got back I went for a wee ( now i know we're not suppsed to wee, eat, drink or anything else, but needs must). I was out the room less than 5 minutes. They( 1&") had thrown themselves and a empty toy box over the back of my little sofa, got all the DVDs out and lay them on teh floor. Somehow got back over again and were jumping on them all![shock}. they did this in the time it took me to have a wee. Mindee1 keeps taking toys off mindee2, who then screeches like abanshee, "Saltiiiiiiiiiiireeeeee, he took my toy". Then they both crushed their lunch itno little pieces ( it was bread rools they had) all over the floor. They tipped a bottle of juice all over the carpet. mindee 2 is constantly going "I hungry", approxiamtely every 5 minutes. We did painting, they threw brushes at each other, I could go on but I'm too tired. mindee1 is now sleeping and mindee2 is at playgroup.

OP posts:

saltire · 07/03/2007 13:27

Now can i go and lie in my darkened room?

OP posts:

dmo · 07/03/2007 13:56

you have full permission
poor you at least its weds half way through the week


saltire · 07/03/2007 13:58

thanks dmo. I know it's just lots of little niggly things they have been doing, but i think because I'm feeling so tired , they seem ten times worse. DH was livid with the DVD thing when i told him though, and insisted on going through each one to check they hadn't broken any.

OP posts:

dmo · 07/03/2007 14:06

my dh want me to give up as kids are wreaking the house
he went out on saturday to hose the car and some child has broken the hose attactment so he was not happy


hennipenni · 07/03/2007 14:21

Saltire, I have clones of your mindees! honestly!

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