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clarification of ages and numbers please - just in case i need to hunt out a new cm

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lexiemum · 02/03/2007 21:53

just been told that dd1 will definately be starting full time reception in sept rahter than waiting till jan. so thinking ahead need to clarify whether i need a new cm or not.

currently cm has 3 before and after schoolies who will all turn eight by august.

dd1 and 2nd pre-schoolie (3rd pre-school is dd2) start reception and both will need before and after school plus holidays.

so is it 3 under 8 therefore the just turned 8 yr olds will be in the over 8 ration or are they still in under 8 ratio till they hit their 9th birthdays.

OP posts:

Katymac · 02/03/2007 21:55

Once they are 8 they come out of the ratios (eg by August)


star1976 · 02/03/2007 21:55

Once they turn 8 they are no longer included in ratios (which pleased me as my DD turned 8 just as I registered). HTH


lexiemum · 02/03/2007 22:00

cheers. wasn't looking forward to finding a new cm - took 6mths last time just because of the school run and needing two spaces.

OP posts:

WriggleJiggle · 03/03/2007 16:36

The 3 under 8 bit concerns me for various reasons. Would there be any situations where it is possible to have more children?

How feasible would the following senario be:
To have 5 children under 5yrs old.
2 of them full time babies (8 months and 18months),
the other 3 (CM's own child + 2 others all 4 or 5 yrs olds) for a school run.

Forgetting the practicalities of car transport, is it possible to do?


nannynick · 03/03/2007 17:02

For England, maximum number of under 8's permitted per childminder is 6, if they have sufficient physical space.

2 of them full time babies (8 months and 18months)

Yes, that is possible.

the other 3 (CM's own child + 2 others all 4 or 5 yrs olds) for a school run.

If all the children are in full time education, then for ratio purposes they count as being 5 years old.

So combined with the two under 5's, these 3 others would make a total of 5 under 8's. Thus this would be permitted by Ofsted, subject to physical space requirements.

Anyone agree or disagree?


ThePrisoner · 03/03/2007 17:13

First question - how old is CM's own child? And how many of the 4/5yr olds are at full-time school (not nursery)?

I agree with nannynick, but it really is dependent on how many of the older ones are at school.

The only way you could have 5 children under 5 years otherwise would be if CM had an assistant.

It is possible to have 4 children under the age of 5 years if Ofsted have allowed it (I currently have a variation for this) - it will be written on CM's certificate, which should be on display.


nannynick · 03/03/2007 17:35

Looking at tribunal records, I can't see that more than 6 children (aged under 8 years) will be permitted with an assistant. More than 6 children only seems to occur when it is two childminders co-childminding.

Anyone got permission to care for more than 6 under 8's, without co-childminding?


alison222 · 03/03/2007 17:54

I just asked f0r a variation for 2 hours a week to care for 7 under 8's.
It was refused. The inspector although sympathetic said that while they have the power to vary the mumber of under 1's or under 5's they cannot under any circumstances exceed 6 children if you don't have an assistant.


WriggleJiggle · 03/03/2007 19:02

Thankyou. I'm having doubts about my CM.


ThePrisoner · 03/03/2007 19:55

With regard to how many she (or he!) is minding?


WriggleJiggle · 04/03/2007 11:28

Yes, and another 'safety' issue (which doesn't actually affect my dd, but it makes you doubt other things as well. I'm really sad about it because until now I thought she was perfect and was really really happy with her.


ThePrisoner · 04/03/2007 13:29

Would you be able to discuss any of it with your CM? Are you sure she is doing things that she shouldn't?


WriggleJiggle · 04/03/2007 19:21

Yes, 95% sure. But dd only has 1 week left to go till I stop work for a couple of weeks. I'm not a rock the boat sort of person. Will probably just make new plans for when I return. Such a shame though 'cos she really did seem perfect and dd loves her.

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