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CM CLUB - OMG, can't believe what just happened, feel sooooooooo bad :-(

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looneytune · 28/02/2007 12:09

Out on school run and 10 week old baby was in pram and as I turned (putting kids in the car), big sudden gust of wind blew pram back with baby in it! She didn't cry, I got her straight out and she burped (been having trouble with her wind) but I just feel awful. One of the gran's picking kids up walked past and said 'baby is in there' like I didn't know. I swear she thinks it was all my fault and that I'm a bad childminder I just can't believe it happened, I'm still shaking.

Baby seems totally normal in herself but I'm now worried because obviously you have to be very careful with little babies. Should I be doing anything like taking her to hospital to be checked? If this was my own ds then I'd feel happy his behaviour was normal BUT this is someone else's precious baby and the responsibility is overwhelming!

Feel like crying but got to make lunch for kiddies.

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dmo · 28/02/2007 12:16

i'm sure she will be fine looneytunes but if you are worried phone the parents to get her checked out
big hugs for you

looneytune · 28/02/2007 13:00

Thanks dmo.

Had a little cry, calmed down, phoned mum, mum is fine. She's more going on what I think but I said I couldn't bear it if something happened and that I don't want to be responsible for saying yes, she's fine. So, I'm to call mum if baby changes i.e. behaves different to normal.

Still feel totally awful and a bad childminder

Time for babies bottle....

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nally · 28/02/2007 13:10

Not sure it will make you feel better but I saw a similar thing happen a couple of days ago. Woman was strapping her bigger kids into the car and the buggy (complete with little one) decided to go on a journey of its own, right across the car park.. Luckily no cars came along and it wasn't moving very fast. The woman on the other hand went tearing across the car park to save bubba, looking horrified.

ayla99 · 28/02/2007 13:18

I think you've done the right thing to let mum know whats happened. I tend to be over cautious with other people's children. Any head injuries, however minor, and anything with younger babies I would contact parent & say something like, i don't want to alarm you; but just felt I ought to let you know whats happened.

One mindie bumped his head on the door frame - if he'd been my own i wouldn't have worried, just looked out for signs of concussion. Not being my own child and also the size of the bump was bigger than any I'd seen before, I went thru the contact numbers for parents, got voicemail on all of them so I phoned childs gp and asked for their advice.

Receptionist was very helpful and said they'd be happy to see him if I brought him in. And she pointed out that even if I thought there was nothing wrong, in my position its best to "cover yourself" and err on the side of caution.

As it turned out the mum returned my call before we left and said I didn't need to go; she would take him if she felt it was necessary later (we came to same agreement you have today that I would call again if there were any developments).

I know how awful I felt every time I looked at him & saw that bump. But, I'm trying to recall what was said at my first aid - there's a reason they're called accidents. Its easy to say afterwards what you could/should have done to prevent the accident; but things continue happen that nobody would have been quick enough to stop.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 28/02/2007 14:20

aw is fine its you thats shaken..keep an eye on tot and check she doesnt change(did she bang anything?) and write an accident report out to cover yourself and show you rang mum.

looneytune · 28/02/2007 14:45

nally, that's awful, she must have been horrified. Actually, that reminds me of what happened last week. I was about to turn into road we usually park at to take kids to nursery (it's not our village so impossible to walk) when a lady carrying her little one ran across the road in a hurry. I thought she was a little careless in checking for cars but when I turned into the road I could see why. Her car was just sitting in the middle of the road, facing opposite to flow of traffic so taking up both sides of the road. It had bloomin rolled down the slope where it was parked!!! SO lucky no-one was hit - it was chaos for a short time.

ayla99 - that's how i dealt with the call. I always planned on calling mum as I'd never forgive myself if anything happened later. I told her exactly how it happened and I think she appreciated my honesty but I still feel rubbish about it.

SS (sorry to call you that but can't be bothered to type the whole lot ) - baby has been smiling and sort of chatty too and behaviour still normal so yes, probably me feeling more shaken but she's just soooooooo tiny (was 4 weeks prem so seems even younger than 10 weeks). I've already written the form up, told mum i was doing this when I called.

Both girls in bed now so I think I'll treat myself to a cuppa and have some lunch!

OP posts:
Rubybees · 28/02/2007 14:58

Hugs for you x

I'm not looking forward to the school run in a minute lucky it's my day off from the lo so just mine (2) and school runs today so wheel locks are on. I hate it when I have to push, hold hands and get the schoolies to hold on TIGHT to their stuff

looneytune · 28/02/2007 15:37

Thanks Rubybees, I've calmed down a bit now I am definitely having one of those days, always happens at once! First running late for picking ds up as 18 month mindee did massive poo when just about to go to car! Then the pram incident, then baby mindee has massive 'baby splatty' poo and goes all up back etc, then my mum phones to say my dad's in hospital , about to sit down to have cuppa and bite to eat and baby screams out, got her but she'd woken her sister up. Soooooooo, they've had some sleep but won't go back down so they'll be grumpy this afternoon!

Oh well, tomorrow HAS TO BE a better day!!!

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 28/02/2007 16:01

oh dear not a good day eh?, hows your dad?
and LOL at 'SS' as my nickname esp in current threads!..should def think of name change

looneytune · 28/02/2007 16:15

Yes, sorry for the SS

Waiting for update on dad. He's not been right for a few weeks. Had trouble going to the toilet that it got so bad he just couldn't go. Was given tablets, helped a bit and was waiting for an op to remove some muscle near prostate which is causing problems (tomorrow) then over last couple of days he's not been able to go to the toilet again. He's not one for Dr's etc and mum said he was fighting back the tears (he doesn't do tears!) due to the pain and at 5am this morning, they had to rush him to the hospital as he was in so much pain, leaving poor nan with dementia in bed (they didn't want to but no one about at that time and he needed to get to hospital!). Anyway, fitted cathiter and it filled straight away (apparently his bladder was SOOO full, he couldn't possibly fit any more in!!) but they were concerned about the colour as was an awfully dark brown, next lot had blood so they are checking all that. I just hope he hasn't done any serious damage by leaving it til his bladder nearly burst!!! So now it's the waiting game

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 28/02/2007 17:11

aw, poor fella, i really hope they get him better, im sure they will

looneytune · 28/02/2007 20:00

Cheers, me too Just waiting for news from my mum. Wish I didn't live so far away from them!

OP posts:
dmo · 01/03/2007 20:06

hows Dad and baby today?
hope you have had a better day

princesscc · 01/03/2007 20:19

looneytune ~ I'm sure you're not a bad cm! i'm a bad cm - I once managed to lock the car with 6mth old mindee in the car with the keys in it and the engine still running!!

looneytune · 01/03/2007 22:46

DMO - Dad's had his op and although sick during recovery, has now eaten something and seems better my mum says. Hopefully he will be allowed home tomorrow but won't know til he's been checked by dr first.

Today was windy and no pram tipping thank god! Still can't believe it, was sick with worry last night but everyone seems happy.

Still can't believe what happened but have come to terms with the fact somethings things just happen!

Princesscc - oh dear, you must have been so worried. Not a bad cm though, we're all just human after all

OP posts:
looneytune · 02/03/2007 11:26

No, dad not coming home today. Had biopsy as prostate enlarged and checking for cancer etc. Whilst waiting for results, today his bladder is slowly being flushed out and then it's a matter of seeing what the results are. Wish I lived nearer

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 02/03/2007 12:51

oh Looneytune, so sorry for you and your family having to go through all this, got my fingers crossed for you all.x

looneytune · 02/03/2007 18:03

Cheers SS (hehe, sorry keep calling you that! ), sure dad will be fine, you just can't help but worry for the worst. We'll know more tomorrow hopefully

OP posts:
crace · 02/03/2007 18:58

Best of luck to your dad LT (see you have your own initials!) - best wishes that all comes out ok.

Hang in there

looneytune · 02/03/2007 19:02

Cheers crace

As for the initials, I think Strawbs is the actual initials she gets that makes us laugh. Feel bad for associating her with the SS

OP posts:
crace · 02/03/2007 19:08

Yeah, I got that.. Everyone watch out! Yikes

Only joking of course - and not just a little jealous my nickname is sort and no initials teehee

StrawberrySnowflakes · 02/03/2007 19:30

LOL, if i was actually SS id be doing a lot more than they are at min with dmo!

looneytune · 02/03/2007 19:43

crace - at least yours is nice and easy to type

SS - oh yeah, god that thread about dmo got my blood so boiled. Dh's too!

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 02/03/2007 19:50

she's still getting no where either, beggers belief really doesnt it, what they hell are they there for!

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