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CM Club: Teething Mindee

2 replies

Saz73 · 23/02/2007 13:17

Hi, I have a 12mth mindee who is teething, poor little thing has got 3 coming through all at once. Parent has put teething gel iin the bag. Is teething gel classed as a medicine and do I have to fill the necessary forms for administering it?

I know i should know this but it's end of the week and I'm having a 'brain dead' day today.

OP posts:

ayla99 · 23/02/2007 23:09

I'm having a 'brain dead' week myself - just need about twice as much sleep as I've had this week!

Having worked with a parent who didn't want teething gel used, I do have teething gel listed on my "general" medical permission form they sign at the beginning of the contract. But I don't write a form out for each dosage. I use those forms for things like calpol, anti-biotics etc where parent & I need to know times of last dose and leave sufficient time between each dose.


looneytune · 25/02/2007 15:00

I'm the same, just a form saying can give when needed.

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