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Safety glass question

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chirpygirl · 21/02/2007 15:57

Hi ladies, I am in the process of registering to be a childminder in Wales and have been told that the glass doors on my drinks cabinet need to have safety film on. The only problem is they are like leaded glass (but with wood IYSWIM) and it would be really fiddly, are there any alternatives or do I have to get all blue peter on it?!

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tissy · 21/02/2007 15:59

Erm, presumably it has a lock. I'd be more worried that if the kids are close enough to break the glass, they could sneak a drink!

Don't know the answer (am not a CM) but could you move the cabinet to another room, noy used by the children?

chirpygirl · 21/02/2007 16:11

Yes it has a lock! It is the top part of a big cabinet so the actual glass door starts at about 5 foot off the ground and is about 2 foot high so they can't get to it without sneaky chair moving, and it won't fit anywhere else, plus the drawers underneath are too handy!

They weren't bothered about the contents, there's only the dregs of some old sherry and an empty bottle of martini...alcohol does NOT last in my house.....

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mykidzrmyworld · 21/02/2007 16:46

Hi Chirpygirl! Where abouts in Wales are you?Im in south wales!
My computer desk has glass front doors but my inspector said they would be fine as companys now have to make them child proof. Plus have bay windows at front single pane but as above waist level she said I didnt need to use film. Though my patio doors needed them even tho double glazed it didnt have the kite markings
Who told u the cabinet needed doing?Have u had your inspection?Only if not then they might not need doing and u may get away with it - if not blue peter girl you'll have to be!

chirpygirl · 21/02/2007 17:01

Hiya, I am in the south as well..I grew up in the midlands but am now a tawe girl...

I have had my first visit and it is a very old cabinet (another reason I dont want to get rid of it) so I can guarantee it is not safe!

My porch door is glass and I have had to film that and it was such a faff I really don't want to do it again! Oh, well, needs must....!

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