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Nursery / CM dilemma - questions......Cheadle Hulme area

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auntyspan · 18/02/2007 19:02

I'm about to move from Heaton Mersey to Cheadle Hulme and I'm in a real dilemma. My DD is 1 and has been in nursery for two days a week since she was 6 months. She really enjoys it and seems to thrive on being there. I'm not 100% happy with the care she's received (not following my intructions etc) but I realise that this will probably be the case where-ever I leave her!
I'm moving area and I now need childcare for 3 days a week as I'm increasing my days at work. I really don't know whether to ggo for a CM, my friends have their kids with CM and seem to really like it. I'm very anxious about safety - things like CM driving my DD around on the school run, or not keeping an eye properly at home. I know she's not 100% safe anywhere but the fact she's in a purpose built nursery sorta makes me feel better.
Also, do all childminders have a huge range of kids? The ones I did speak to seem to have kids ranging from 6 months to 8 years old.
Thanks for reading, sorry for waffling!

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 18/02/2007 19:16

Childminders may have a range of ages of children (sometimes beyond 8 years), but I believe that this is a positive aspect. There is usually a nice "family-type" environment for all the children, and both younger and older children will benefit.

I'm obviously biased (being a CM myself) - but most of the older children I currently have are ones that I have minded since they were babies (and are now 12 years old). Continuity of care is one of my plus points!

You can find a list of childminders in your area via the Childrens Information Service and there is nothing to stop you ringing some up for a chat, and visiting a few once you've moved.

mykidzrmyworld · 18/02/2007 19:50

Thinking ahead what would you do when your dd goes to nursery and school about dropping off and picking up?? who would do this then as nursery care will stop at that point! You will more than likely rely on a CM then so wouldnt it be better to start now! Just my opinion and yes I am a CM

CristinaTheAstonishing · 18/02/2007 19:55

Hi Anutyspan. We had Ds and now DD in nursery for similar reasons to yours (safety concerns). We bridged the after-school gap with part-time work (me) or very part-time nannies.

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