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crace · 18/02/2007 18:31

I have a domain registered but not sure how to get up a decent site up there.. how is everyone's designed? It's not a free one, I've registered a domain but have no idea how to get a nice one going?

Thanks Carrie

PS - I work on Mac

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nannynick · 18/02/2007 18:45

I just use Notepad (windows text editor), so expect you have something similar on your MAC. You could use software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or you may find a webhost who provides on-line tools for designing a website using templates.

mykidzrmyworld · 18/02/2007 19:31

I used and they were fab and simple to use.
Mine is if u wanted to look.
Not sure how it works tho if u already have a domain sorry!Im not very technical but mine was dead easy to create!

USAUKMum · 18/02/2007 19:44

I assume that the people hosting your domain have given you web space -- or are you not hosted yet? Anyway, if you are on a Mac use iWeb. Easy to use, easy to get something good looking.

looneytune · 20/02/2007 11:36


I did my childminding website and my customers websites using Frontpage. My web design website was done using freewebs but can't remember the link and haven't got time to look. If you go to my site , there should be a link somewhere to show you what to do. Please ignore all the errors on my site, need sorting!

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