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Childminder's/ Parents - What shall i do??

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LoveMyGirls · 18/02/2007 09:23

I started being ill last saturday with a sore throat, i had monday off thinking if i could rest i would be ok but it was half term and i still had my own kids so i didnt actually get much rest so decided if the parents wanted to send their children i would work so i've worked the rest of the week, on thursday dd1 said she felt rough and went to bed for an hour by friday night she was being sick with high temp yesterday dd2 was sick and had diahorrea with temp, dp is full of cold and i still have a sore throat, temp and feel sick and have tummy ache. Childminded children have also had runny noses and 2 runny nappies at the start of the week but i put this down to teething as they didnt have temp and seemed ok in themselves.

Thing is i don't want to let people down and i can't afford to lose money again (last week cost me £400 between losing money having the day off and my car being fixed)

Advice please?

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looneytune · 18/02/2007 10:55

Hi LMG's. I've worked when had flu type cold (as in much worse than normal cold) because as draining as it was, I couldn't afford not to work and I didn't want to let parents down. HOWEVER, when I had D & V, I didn't work as it's not fair on the other kids and it's in my policies that no one with D & V is allowed in the setting. Because I looked after little babies, I felt it was too risky for them. The only time I took time off because I felt too rough but wasn't in policies was when I got tonsillitis last year. I worked until I got so bad I was all over the place and totally spaced out. I then thought it was too risky for the kids so closed for a day or 2.

I say on the cold side of things, it's up to you but if not working, I'd give them a call ASAP so they can find cover. If there's still D & V in the house then I personally wouldn't work but it depends what's in your policies I suppose (although they recommend you don't work with this, especially not preparing food).

Sorry you're poorly mate

LT xxx

ThePrisoner · 18/02/2007 18:07

How old are your children? Old enough to "look after" themselves? If not, or if they (or yourself) have d & v, then you really shouldn't have mindees in the house. I bet your policy says no mindees with d & v allowed in the house!

If your family are just "generally unwell" (no d & v) and you feel you could cope, you could warn parents (sooner rather than later) that you will be working if they want to send children, but that it will be a "low-key" day.

Losing money is bad, but not as bad if everyone got worse and had more time off.

LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 10:41

Ive had to cancel work

Dd1 and dd2 have had D & V, dd1 was last sick at 5am this morning, dd2 last had diahorea yesterday at about 3ish.

In my policies it says if we're ill i will ring parents to see if the illness is something they would want their family to avoid if they choose not to send their child a fee will not be required for that day.

Obviously they have chosen not to send their children for today.

When Would you say it is safe to have mindee's again?

I rang dd1's school and they have said she has to have not been sick for 24 hrs before she can go back to school, should i adopt the same policy?

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 10:43

Children are not old enough to look after themselves btw.

Ages are

(not all at the same time before i get jumped on about numbers )

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 11:28

hi ..poor you and your family, hope you all feel better really soon.
in my policies, i state 48 hours after d&v/sickness, but i have taken them 24 hours after(thats mindee's when theyve been ill not me/mine), if you are all well and no more illness tonight i would prob say its safe enough to ring and let them know they can come, just make sure you anti bac everything(as im sure you would anyway)

StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 11:30

p.s i had gastric flu before christmas, i had it for two weeks and mindee still came everyday, despite me informaing mum i was ill and either on loo or with head down it!
lucky my dd was here for her dd to play with cos i was no use!, so when i was better dd got nice present for being my underage, unnofficial helper

star1976 · 19/02/2007 15:06

My regular mindee (yes I still only have one ) came last Monday after being ill with S&V over the weekend. Parent said she was better and had had no bad nappies for 24 hours.

Clearly wasn't well as was very clingy and 1hr after drop off had explosive nappy.

Mindee never came Tues, but back on Wed. Leaked out of nappy and through her clothes again, and DS started with it too. After that she was ok, but DS is still not back to normal.

Did have extra mindee just for half term, and her parent was happy to send her even though DS had D&V.

LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 16:18

Ohh Star, that doesn't fill me with hope....

DD's are def better though, nothing from dd2 for over 24hrs (will be 40hrs by the time mindee's start arriving) and nothing from dd2 since 4.30am today and she had a lazy morning and has spent all afternoon doing homework she is just having a chill in front of tv for a bit but doesn't seem unwell at all.

Mindee's mum has txt and i've said as long as dd1 isn't sick i will have mindee's tomorrow.

I'm slightly warm and felt queasy earlier but i haven't had D & V at all.

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LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 16:19

Strawberry - fancy mum expecitng you to work with your head down the loo!

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/02/2007 16:23

i know and daft a*se me did!..i was soooo ill!

star1976 · 19/02/2007 20:07

Glad your little ones are getting better. Fingers crossed for you!

ThePrisoner · 19/02/2007 20:17

When I asked how old your children were, I meant your own, not the mindees. I wouldn't expect them to "look after themselves!"

Hope everyone gets better soon.

LoveMyGirls · 19/02/2007 21:11

Lol TP no of course not, mis-read that - oops

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