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dmo · 17/02/2007 10:56

sorry cant find the old thread
but last week i got the ELC free mag and in it was an article about childcare
for the childminders the write up was good but under nursery schools there was a quote "unlike childminders who have to fit their chores in"
so i e-mailed them a letter telling them how i was (so did some other mumnetters)
anyway i got an e-mail back to say they were looking into it and then yesterday i got a phone call fron ELC saying how sorry they are and how head office are now dealing with it and i should get a letter soon (will let you all know)
so i'm now and had my rant

OP posts:
WanderingTrolley · 17/02/2007 11:03

Well done dmo.

I saw the original thread but haven't been in touch with ELC

The state of my kitchen floor is testament to how well I have fitted in chores this week.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 17/02/2007 20:17

i got email saying they were dealing with it at head office too

StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/02/2007 18:39

i got letter today to say....................................................................theyre still dealing with it!!!!!!..stands to reason why they can write stupid dtuff like that if they can t deal with a complaint more efficiently!

smeeinit · 21/02/2007 19:08

same as strawb i got a letter today too.
not very quick are they???!!!

StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/02/2007 19:44

no!, expected a conclusion..but depends how many (of us) complained tho??

dmo · 21/02/2007 22:20

i got a letter too went in the bin didnt tell mr anything i didnt already know

bet they are wishing they hadnt printed the dam aritcle now

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/02/2007 08:46

yeah mine went straight in bin too!

smeeinit · 22/02/2007 09:36

mine went in bin 2! hope you recycled the envelope you 2??!!!

KaySamuels · 22/02/2007 13:02

Didn't see original thread but emailed them a complaint yesterday , hopefully the more complaints the more chance of them taking some action.

mykidzrmyworld · 22/02/2007 13:12

DONT REMEMBER original thread=can u refresh memory and then i will send in complaint

StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/02/2007 14:41

they said some thing lik "blah blah blah(talking about nurseries) as opposed to childminders who fit in their chores through the day..blah blah blah"

KaySamuels · 22/02/2007 19:41

I got a phone call today from a lady at ELC saying they are following up complaint with the people who publish the nspcc mag and will contact all the complainants when they have done so.

Was quite shocked she called me!

dmo · 22/02/2007 23:01

good one gald they are contacting people

OP posts:
mykidzrmyworld · 22/02/2007 23:19

sent my email off to them so will wait and see!

franyfroo · 23/02/2007 08:18

how about someone post a draft email and the address and we can all email them

dmo · 07/03/2007 09:57

Well that was a waste of time they sent me a letter with some half cooked up excuse
so i am taking it further
my friend works for CIS so i photocoped the letter and she has taken it into work with her today
i am also a support childminder and have a course next saturday so i am taking the mag and letter with me

they will be sorry nobody is fobbing me off this week

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 07/03/2007 10:07

i got the letter too somthing along the lines " our evidense was factual and corect due to the childminders we spoke too"????..i want names of the childminders who actually and factually said they 'do chores' whilst looking after their mindees!!!!!!!!!!!!

dmo · 07/03/2007 12:51

hear hear

OP posts:
dmo · 17/03/2007 20:34

well this has took a turn so thought i would share the goss
ELC sent me a letter said they had employed a jornist who checked out the facts b4 issue was printed (load of shite)
so my friend works for cis so i photocopied the mag and letter and she took it in to work.
her boss was really cross and i went on a course today and all the bosses are talking about it and things are going to be done about it
gutted though because on the courses (i'm a support childminder) we get lots of goodies and this times were ELC vouchers but when they saw the article all the vouchers went back to the shop, never mind still got lots of fab books and a doll

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 18/03/2007 19:47

emailed them back cos i got same letter " we interviewed several cm's who gave us the facts blah blah" i said i would like to know who these cms where as i dont know one who would say the fit in chores around their children/ an email saying they weree passing it back over, then nothing as yet????...bugger about the vouchers tho! could have inadvertantly spent them in boots's elc concession therefor avoiding elc directly

nannynick · 18/03/2007 23:30

If Mothercare buy ELC (yes, it is for sale if you have the money - around £150 million), do you think they would handle this situation any better? ELC have at least tried to resolve it, though they do appear to be trying to pass the buck as it were to a journalist.

Perhaps in a future publication they will retract the previous offending article, or maybe anyone who complained will get more money off vouchers.

KaySamuels · 19/03/2007 09:37

I got this letter too, feel like I should write back to them as it was totally passing the buck! I hope they do put something in the next issue would be really disgusted if they didn't.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/03/2007 13:01

i emailed back and theyre looking at it again..send em an email Kay?

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