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Update your toys/games etc

8 replies

bmz · 14/02/2007 20:33

How often do you update/add to your collection of toys/games etc. I'm finding that my 3 mindees are getting bored with everything. Ages 2 x 6 1 x 9. Regards

OP posts:

Saz73 · 14/02/2007 20:41

I'm a member of my local toy libary which is run by the council. This lets me change my toys every 4-6 wks. Have you got this facilty near you?


Katymac · 14/02/2007 20:42

Only in the sales or if something is on a very good deal

They play with the under 5 toys mostly


blodwen · 14/02/2007 21:49

I sometimes swap things with CM friends for a week or so, like an unofficial toy library. Good for games, puzzles etc too. I put my initials on things so they don't get lost.


ThePrisoner · 14/02/2007 21:59

As I rotate all my toys on a weekly basis, something they had out one week (eg. doll's house, Lego) won't appear for possibly another six weeks. I have got a mini-Toys-R-ThePrisoner's in the loft, and have built up a huge collection over many years. It's enough stuff that they can't possibly be bored!!

I still do buy new things regularly, particularly books and, obviously, lots of art/craft stuff.


smeeinit · 14/02/2007 23:23

ive decided not to buy anymore toys for a looooong time! ive got so many and half dont get used so as tempting as it is i shall buy no more!


dmo · 15/02/2007 12:38

get new things every week
i do send old things to the charity shop
i must have the mind of a 5yr old cause i get bored playing with the same things every day
off to ELC tomorrow with 9 mindees and i'm sure they will all choose a toy each for my house


StrawberrySnowflakes · 15/02/2007 15:50

do you not have a toy library?, ring your local surestart group/council..they wil let you know, all you need to do is be a member of library and you can hire(very very cheaply) anything from dolls to huge sets of soft play!..i have a double buggy from ours at the mnute, which cost me 50p to join and 50p to loan!!!!!!!!!!!!1for 6 weeks!!!!
so you can get new toys without having to fork out too much


KaySamuels · 15/02/2007 18:31

wow dmo you're brave!!

I tend to sneak in ELC while my ds is asleep in his buggy and dash in and out military style!!

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