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CM Club - Parents do sometimes take us fro granted don't they.

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saltire · 14/02/2007 14:10

Mindee 1, (2), i am contarcted to have him
30 hours a week for 3 weeks of the month and 35 hours for the fourth week of the month. So this week supposed to have him Mon - Wednesday 8am till 6pm, then tmorrow 8am till 1pm.
Mum says yeaterday could she change it, make it 8-6 Monday, Tuseday and Friday, and 8-1 on Wwednesday. So i agreed, still getting same hours and because the dog needs the vet, friend coming round after school with her 3 children for tea, DS1 got cubs, I thought, great will get 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday to sort things out. Mindee1 dad phones at 1."What time am i supposed to get him?". So i said 1pm. "Oh well I am a bit bust still, stuck in Dundee, can you keep him till 3pm" So i said, no, i have a school run to make, I leave the house at 2.50, pick up DS1 &2 and mindees 3 &4, then we got straight to playgroup and pick up mindee2. Home at 3.35.
So what does he do, "Oh well I will come at 3.45"
So now have got the non sleeping but extremely tired mindee1 sitting on my lap, as straight as a poker in case i dare make him sleep, and can't do all the things i had planned. The dad actually said to me
"Well you were meant to have him until 6pm today anyway"

OP posts:

dmo · 14/02/2007 15:31


smeeinit · 14/02/2007 18:01

well we are all just skivvy dogs bodies with no life of our own you know?!!!


shosha · 14/02/2007 18:15

Message withdrawn


MrsGoranVisnjic · 14/02/2007 18:17

your fault

you should have told him no you were contracted to pick him up at 1 and I'll have to charge late fees now


dmo · 14/02/2007 18:37

your job b4 your social life cant believe she said that
fair enough during working hours but 7.40pm is taking the micheal


smeeinit · 14/02/2007 19:05

mrsgv how do you work out that its saltires fault?!


nannynick · 14/02/2007 19:10

Perhaps, just perhaps, the mother hadn't told the father full details of the switch in days, thus his comment about 6pm finish.
As he ended up picking up late (presuming he did collect at 3.45pm), they owe you 2hours 45, otherwise will exceed their contracted hours, so are they collecting early on Friday, or paying you overtime?


BuffysMum · 14/02/2007 19:23

smee think MrsGV missed out an ! or an [shock) at the end of "your fault"

I am absolutely appalled - and I'm a MUM - I feel bad when I'm 15 minutes dropping off in case I've mucked up CM plans, or 5 minutes late etc etc etc!

Have any of the really bad parents every been SAHM/SAHD???????????????? I think when you've juggled 2/3/4 children (or more) including a pre-school and/or school run theny perhaps you are a little bit more aware of how complicated it all is.

I am still in shock just at the way you get spoken too!


Isyhan · 14/02/2007 19:48

I fell a little peeved currently as mum and dad seem to alternate between them when they pick up and drop off. Over the last few weeks dad has been arriving to pick up kids without a puschair so my dh has to take them home. I said yesterday what are you going to do? He said oh Ill just carry baby home (really heavy baby). I said you cant carry her home. He said Oh I hoped you'd say that. This is not what was agreed and I feel like both my dh and myself are being taken for granted.


dmo · 15/02/2007 12:31

the cheeky parents
think your doing to much for them and they are letting you i would be giving notice


StrawberrySnowflakes · 15/02/2007 15:58

argh these stories are annoying me..cheeky parents, saltire, cahrge them late fees for late pick up and tell who ever collects/or write it down officially for them, that whatever their hours state, they must abide by, full stop, you can/will not change your palns at alst minute.

shosha, cheeky $[email protected]!%...arrrrrghhh, so glad you were able to give notice, they seem to lose the grip on the realisty that we are caring for thier children, whilst they go and do what ever the hell they like.

Ishyan, let him walk out next time and as he's about to say, you might want to remember your pushchair tomorrow as he/shes getting heavy now and close door...dp was giving mindees mum a lift a few weeks ago as she was dropping off when he was leaving and it got to a point where they were early for the first time in ages, just to catch him!


StrawberrySnowflakes · 15/02/2007 15:58

sorry spelling appaling, im so


estatebabe · 15/02/2007 16:21

you have to firm right from the word go - if youre not they will take the mick. I have been cm for 10 years and everyone of my parents has taken the liberty - ONCE!!!


mawbroon · 15/02/2007 16:23

Ha, talking about parents doing what they like. It was my birthday (kids and mother knew as we went out for tea as my treat). Mother was due to pick them up at 6.30pm. She didn't answer when I phoned her at 7pm or 7.45pm. She then phoned a few minutes later and her excuse was "I have fallen in love with someone". So translate that as "I'll just go out shagging whilst the childminder looks after my kids for 2 hours after the agreed time because I know she won't put them out on the street". She finally rolled up at 8.30pm Needless to say it fucked up all my plans and I was livid. She got a final warning letter from me, and then two weeks later I gave her notice as she did it again.

Don't know about you Saltire, but I didn't discuss any of this stuff in front of the kids (we did it by phone later in the evenings if there was anything like this, or money to be discussed) and it was very difficult being civil when she was taking the piss so badly.


saltire · 15/02/2007 16:45

Sorry i didn't get back to this thread until now. The dad of mindee 1 finally appeared at 4pm. I told i was charging double time for the extra hours.
They are not quite as bad as mindee 2 parents, although they have mainly been ok with me, apart from when i needed a couple of days off urgently, but gave the parents two weeks notice. They complained, until i pointed out that they continuosly( icannot get the spelling right for that at all)tell me the day before that they are taking tomorrow off, and thats why they keep getting charged full rates instead of half rates, which is what they would get if they gave decent notice. however, mindee2's sister goes to a different childminder and she as a lot of problems with the parents
mawbroon, that is terrible, no wonder you gave notice

OP posts:

estatebabe · 15/02/2007 16:48

mawbroon - do you still have these mindee? If so, the parent needs to know that ofsted states that you are within your rights to contact the local on call social worker if a child is not collected when they are supposed to be. apart from screwing your evening up the kids must have been confused as to why their mum did not collect them - that surely comes under the heading of mental abuse


mawbroon · 15/02/2007 16:57

Nope, gave them notice estatebabe. Finished with them last month. Poor kids.


tron · 16/02/2007 18:22

oh my god, i can't belive how some peopletrest their CM. I would never ever ever treat my cm like this - she is fab and would have been lost without her, she helped when i had c section with dd, dropped ds at my house for me etc, she even took me to the dentist and picked me up when i had my wisdom teeth out under sedation - i couldn't ask for anyhone nicer and she really cares for my dcs

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