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Cm club - how much do you pay your accountant?

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LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 12:54

Just asking so i don't get ripped off


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mykidzrmyworld · 13/02/2007 14:54

Dont have one! Cant u do it yourself to save u money!
Me and my husband do mine!
Be interested to know what people pay tho!


LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 14:59

It's my first year and i've had another job so would like to get it right when i'm more exp i will do it myself i think.

OP posts:

badgerhead · 13/02/2007 16:19

I use an accountant who specialises in accounts for childminders, although it means that I pay him £69 a year I find it worthwhile, email me if you want to know more [email protected]


LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 21:37


OP posts:

Katymac · 13/02/2007 21:41

LMG - even if you have worked (how many jobs?0 it's easy

I promise

Phone me when you get your form & I will talk you through it I promise


merrymerry · 13/02/2007 21:49

£200 per year hope you dont mind me butting in thought everyone had accountant?


shosha · 13/02/2007 21:59

Message withdrawn


Katymac · 13/02/2007 22:06

My turnover is very large & I do it myself

It's not hard - you just fill in boxes


mysonsmummy · 13/02/2007 22:30

my friends is a full time childminder. nevermind her not having a accountant - shes never paid a penny tax. some of the parents whose children she looks after even claim tax credits. dont know how she gets away with it year after year.


smeeinit · 13/02/2007 22:39

i dont use an accountant atall. its very straight forward to do yourself.


Twoandabump · 14/02/2007 17:15

Accountant ????

Do you need one??


mykidzrmyworld · 14/02/2007 18:53

A lot of us DONT pay tax - its the perks of Childminding - we claim a lot of it as expenses.
Its a childminding thing


Katymac · 14/02/2007 20:25

I have a truely astronomical turnover (admittedly I pay staff) but for the year 06-07 I anticipat epaying less than £10 tax (current stimate 97p)

But childminding is expensive - esp if you do it well


KaySamuels · 15/02/2007 18:30

I do my own accounts too, I just keep all my receipts and fill in accounts book once a month - only takes me half hour now I'm used to it. I wouldn't dream of paying an accountant. Never paid more than £18 income tax.

I agree with Katymac, I have huge expenses because I spoil all my mindees with lush food and far too many toys, etc


Tan1959 · 17/02/2007 14:00

LMG: I use Only Childminding his email is : brianmcternan at blueyonder dot co dot uk - £59 per year


mindermummy · 17/02/2007 15:38

It was my first year too and i dont it alone and it was easy, i promise..dont waste your money.xx


kpnuts2006 · 18/02/2007 15:48

I have prepared excel spreadsheets that once done, they do all my calculations for me. its so easy, do it once a week and it only takes me 10 mins. do you have any knowledge on microsoft excel????


mizzy · 18/02/2007 20:50

Have used Only Childminding (Brian McTernan) for last 2-3 years. He's brill. He got me £1,000 rebate backdated from taxman. If you earn a fair bit he is worth £59 (payable after tax bill has been agreed).


shosha · 18/02/2007 21:01

Message withdrawn


PandaG · 18/02/2007 21:08

DH does mine - costs me nowt, and he is a chartered accountant! I don't pay any tax either - only mind PT, and agree, there are plenty of expenses to offset.

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