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CM CLUB - I Need to rant..................

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LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 11:46

I'm ill (throat, heachache, ulcers on tongue etc) better than i was yesterday so decided i couldn't afford another day off so i've opened and now i need to rant.......

I have cleaned up 2 very runny nappies
2 babies are teething, dd2 is especailly bad and has cried most of the morning despite being given nurofen (awww) but even so.....

I'm fed up of wiping noses
I'm fed up of hearing crying
I'm fed up of being the one who has to stop them all crying
I'm fed up of dd1 having a strop at evey opportunity because i have 3 under 18mths that need more attention.
Im fed up of not having a car or any of us really being well enough for an outing.
I'm not ill enough to be off work but too ill to not have 2 mins peace all day so please gorgeous babies please all sleep so i can get sorted and have 5 mins peace.

There i've said it, am i bad childminder now?

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saltire · 13/02/2007 11:48

No, not a bad CM. We all have days like this - i had one yesterday.
Fingers crossed they will all sleep and you can get five minutes for a cuppa/sit down.


LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 11:53

It's kinda good to know i'm not the only one who can have days like this. My mum should be on her way to pick dd1 up and they should all be going down for a sleep soon, 1 mindee will go at 2. So i do know it will get better and at least i feel better today than i did yesterday.

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saltire · 13/02/2007 15:45

I think all of us have days like this - i have them regularly. The difference with our jobs is that we have no colleagues (most of the time) to moan at, so we come on here.

Have you had some peace this afternoon? I did, mindee 3 was at nursery, mindee was at day care centre for 2 hours and mindee 1 finally fell asleep, so i did nothing, i read a magazine and had a cuppa


LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 15:52

They did all fall asleep for about 45mins - so i washed up wiped sides cleared away dropped food and me and dd1 had some soup so wasn't too bad.
Only 1 mindee to go home at 5 and he's asleep at the mo, dd's are being good. For now............

OP posts:

saltire · 13/02/2007 15:55

`Oh LMG, you should have taken the opportunity to have a rest - or am I just a lazy mare?.
It's the never ending snot nad poo that gets to me. Like yesterday when mindee 1 took off his pull up after pooing in it. I had to bath him, washi his clothes, scrub the sofa and the carpet.


LoveMyGirls · 13/02/2007 15:59

i know i should have but i didnt know when i would next get the chance to get sorted. I can't stand mess - untidiness is ok but dirty plates etc and food all over the floor i can't handle leaving it like that and trying to clean it when you have 1 walking in it 1 crawling in it and you're trying to keep an eye on the baby who is in chair or on floor making sure he doesnt get trampled by the other 2........not good to take my eyes off them to clean food up then if its left they would eat it lol
You know how it is.........

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