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CM Club - Advice needed

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mercroundthebend · 12/02/2007 21:40

Can you please give some advice. My daughter has been with a childminder who is a Network childminder and also teaches people to become childminders. I thought she would be great, however I find out she has been discussing me and my daughter with another person we both know and also my daughter now has terrible nappy rash, cries when she goes, frets when she goes in her high chair and also has told people private things about our family and accused me of lying to her about being late etc. It then occured to me that she has told me things that she probably shouldnt have....what should I do, should I report her ? I am going to remove my daughter and to be honest she scares me....

OP posts:

mykidzrmyworld · 12/02/2007 22:00

Def remove you dd!
I hate situations like this!
Im not sure where u stand on reporting but others will tel u!
I hope u find a terrific childminder u can trust.
Mayb u could find one on here!
Good luck


ThePrisoner · 12/02/2007 22:17

If you report your CM to Ofsted, they will only be able to give her a verbal "slap on the wrist" for breaking confidentiality. Your dd being upset and having bad nappy rash are probably not things that they would be able to deal with - you are obviously unhappy with the level of care she is getting (and very rightly so), but probably can't really prove neglect or inappropriate care. There is nothing to stop you logging in your concerns though.

You could also talk to her network co-ordinator - your local childrens information service would be able to give you phone numbers/email. The network will give you advice, and will certainly take your concerns seriously.

I would also like to add that I am also a network childminder, and am appalled that someone else on a network can be so unprofessional. for your daughter - hope it doesn't put you off childminders.


StrawberrySnowflakes · 13/02/2007 14:35

i 'discuss' parents to some level with childmimders at a special cm group i go to, not to be personal, but to ask advice on certain aspects, is this what she has done?, or has she been nasty ?

when i was in training, one of the co ordinators was teaching us when tutor was ill.she didnt have a clue!, i would be scared putting my children with her and she only gave up cm'ing to do the teachng side!


ThePrisoner · 13/02/2007 20:59

mercroundthebend - have you decided what to do yet?

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