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what to charge?

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charmedhay · 11/02/2007 12:04

Hi got mindee whos in pre school 2 days a week tues and thurs . I have mindee mon 9 - 2 ,tues 9 - 9;30 {wait with her till school opens no charge } , wed 9 - 2 ,thur 9 -2 ,3 of these hours half paid becoz she is at school. Mum told me that after half term she will also be going to school on Mon and she will drop her with me at 9;00 and i can take her to school for 9;30. Should i still charge full pay when she is at school. I feel i am blocking a place for next too nothing { not that there are a lot of mindees round here at mo } But she has phoned just now to ask if i can have her 2 days next week {usually term time only !] Not bothered lovely little one and my ds and her play beautifully. hope anyone can ake any sense out of this !!!!!!!{hmm]

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looneytune · 11/02/2007 12:17


I have mindee at nursery from 8.50-11.30 each morning, she comes here at 7.45 so I take her to nursery. I charge full rate as I'm on call as if she was sent home, it would be me who'd have to collect her therefore I can't fill her space.

Round here it is very normal to charge whilst they are at pre-school as they are an under 5 space and you wouldn't be able to fill those hours usually.

As for the extra next week, if you have the space and want to take them then I would be of course at full rate!



shosha · 11/02/2007 12:32

Message withdrawn


bambi06 · 11/02/2007 12:45

i charge as well as i would be first pont of contact if child was ill or preschool shut at short notice plus you cant take on another child in that time


ayla99 · 11/02/2007 15:50

I charge full fees while they are classed as an under five. When they turn 5 or start attending full days and move up to over five group I charge session fees for before and/or after school instead of hourly rates.


charmedhay · 11/02/2007 16:15

Hi thanks for that advice i just feel a bit taken for granted at the mo all my mindees are term time only so i only get paid in term time ! How do youguys work this one, i know i can't change these mindees but any potential ones i could charge properly from the beginning!

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