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Parent need advise about CM

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loopybear · 09/02/2007 20:58

My CM is great with DD but this morning I ran was faced with a problem so need some advise.

I went back to work at the beginning of January ( I do suffer working mothers guilt at the moment) CM was sick a couple of weeks ago rang earlier and I was able to put her into creche at our attached children's centre (an emergency measure, DH is in Army so we live away from family and most of our friends work) She rang me that night and said she was fine to have DD the next day. When I arrived the next morning she was clearly still unwell so DD went to creche again. The next day I choose to make other arrangements because I couldn't face the stress of arriving and CM not being well enough again (she wasn't by her own admisssion even though she had the other 2 mindees)

3 weeks ago she told she was having day surgury on Monday (I made other arrangements) This morning she said that a friend had told her yesterday she wouldn't be fit to for a week afterwards. She was seeing doc this afternoon. She's arranged for her hubby to drop DD off at school at the end of the day. So would let me know tonight if I didn't need to make arrangements. I asked when she initially told me about op if she was sure she'd be upto working so soon and she said yes. I felt cross because with short notice I knew I couldn't arrange for DD to be looked after for a week without passing her around to various people. DH is away on exercise so can't take time off. I'm a teacher so wouldn't normally be possible. Fortunately my boss has same childminder and becasue I have a final placement student teacher, she can take the class while I work from home on an in depth project.

Sorry very long winded but now to the point. When I went to see CM she advised that she had a buddy for emergencies (this obviously hasn't happened) I pay monthly because I do same hours each day, I didn't expect to be refunded last time as 2 days I technically choose not to send her because I felt CM wasn't well enough. She hasn't mentioned it this time either.

I feel very stressed by it all at the moment was hoping for some advise. DD adores CM and she is great with DD

OP posts:

star1976 · 09/02/2007 21:18

I am a child minder and if I couldn't take care of child due to my own illness I would not expect payment and would deduct from next months money.

Would also not expect you to want to leave child with me if I was obviously unwell as I wouldn't be able to provide the care you would expect.


loopybear · 09/02/2007 21:22

Is being told on Friday that I need to arrange childcare for whole week unreasonable?

OP posts:

bambi06 · 09/02/2007 21:23

health and safety issue here really.were not allowed to look after children if we are ill and likwise we wouldntlook after children who were poorly, although shes probably being really nice and hoping shed be o.k enough to work


loopybear · 09/02/2007 21:44

I know she was probably hoping to soldier on after op. And I think she is fantastic it's just this last minute notice that's got to me. Whn she had a virus I didn't mind but I feel this could have been avoided. My friend's CM has a buddy who has children in CM can't (illness etc.) is this common practice?

OP posts:

shosha · 09/02/2007 22:02

Message withdrawn

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