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CM Your advice please.

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girrafey · 09/02/2007 15:54

In a sticky situation with a mum would like other opinions on what i should do. i mind for a boy same age as my dd for 2 days a week. mum is a friend and he started coming to me as she needed a break and she knew i could do with a little extra money. They are a very rich family and we just bout make ends meet. lots of carefull planning etc to make sure we have a busy and fun week.
Anyway when i couldnt drive she gave me and my other mindee and dd lifts to the play centre etc and as a thank you i feed their cats while they are away so really quite close. she knew i have been referred to a fertility clinic and that i was having a blood test yesterday morning while i was minding. she doesnt mind etc as it is in and out. Anyway snow fall, lots off. woke up yesterday to a tex saying will keep joe with me today caus her dh wont let her drive. i ring and offer to come and get him and hour late after my blood test as i was out and about anyway. ( wasnt going to mis bloods) she declines and says that dh was coming home early and making snowmen etc. was left very friendly. went round their today wwith group for coffee and in converstation she mentioned me having her son next week, to make up for the missed day. i remind im on holiday. she says ok, will just send him 3 days the following week or pay you half, you choose. my contract clearly states if im available for work and you choose not to use me then payment is still required. ahhh what do i do!!! cant have boy extra day as have got my god daughter so over numbers and dont want to accept half pay as will have to cancel activity ( including other mindee) as wont be able to afford it if 20 quid short!!! But her friendship means so much to me and she done so much i dont want to correct her. ( aslo oonly having her son till march as he starts nursary then )
so sorry its long. what would you do. x

OP posts:
whatkatydidntdo · 09/02/2007 16:07

just remind her what the contract says, keep it light and friendly if poss. Maybe this sort of thing...."I am really upset by something and need to talk to you because I dont want us falling out or it coming between us"

StrawberrySnowflakes · 09/02/2007 16:11

just go to her face to face and explain you feel really awkward, but this is what you both agreed on, face to face and being pleasant helps resolve, phone calls or emails dont, just say something along those line and explain you wouldnt be able to have him next weeka s you would be breaking you reg..good luck!

BuffysMum · 09/02/2007 16:12

If he starts in nursery in March I would just leave it TBH - I'm not a CM just a Mum who uses a CM, either that or bill her weekly as it should be and see if she raises it again. Or perhaps offer her an alternative day when you could have her ds - perhaps in March?????? Tricky one.

quietmouse · 09/02/2007 16:18

I probably wouldn't say anything tbh. Sounds as though she has been good to you. I can't imagine she would be deny you money on purpose. Seeing as it's only until March I would stay friendly and accept the half pay.
There's no harm in saying to her that the contract states full pay but you are happy to do it as a one off or whatever but I wouldn't fall out over it. Doesn't sound worth it - and you need a reference when she leaves!

StrawberrySnowflakes · 09/02/2007 16:48

but it sounds like you could do with the cash??, then if thats the case and there is no reason why you shouldnt get paid for what you are contracted too, then speak to her about it in a nice way.

mykidzrmyworld · 09/02/2007 19:17

I would leave it -especially as she is using u to help u out!hmm]
you seem lucky to havea friend like that so return it and except half!
Just my opinon

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