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adverse weather conditions

21 replies

franyfroo · 08/02/2007 09:20

Have just had to take 3 school age to school and drag 3 under 3s out in buggy etc to take them. got 6inch snow and still falling, seriously thinking of doing a bad weather plan, anyone got one, and if so, what do you do. Have to do it all again with nursery run lunchtime and again this evening am really fed up

OP posts:

KaySamuels · 08/02/2007 09:42

Do you drive? I don't and I have considered this before, thought of maybe witing a policy where if necessary I would get taxi round trip and split the cost between parents, letting them know when I could. I have booster seats but also there is a taxi firm here that provides them. Would anything like that help?

Where are franyfroo I am dreading the snow coming, oping it waits til weekend!


KaySamuels · 08/02/2007 09:43

sorry thats writing!


KaySamuels · 08/02/2007 09:44

and hoping I really really should preview!


franyfroo · 08/02/2007 09:49

am in surrey but high up so its bad at mo. son is home today so he pushed one buggy and i pushed double, thought at one point i would need cpr (fit i am not) am thinking of if ever really this bad again i may say i am closing but dont know what they would think!!!

OP posts:

KaySamuels · 08/02/2007 09:58

If the school was open they may not be too happy with that, am sure they would all rather help you get them to school quickly and warmly. Think I would ring around in the morning, say will be doing a school run in people carrier type taxi, can they bring car seats for the day (if you don't have) and dontate x amount each towards cost - even if you ask each family or a pound or two. Put it across as a safety aspect for the children. Why not suggest it for tomorrow and then if they agree you could book a car so you have one (they will get booked up fairly quickly I expect if its still falling!).
Good luck with the rest of the day!


franyfroo · 08/02/2007 10:03

well i may as well have driven then is what they would prob say

OP posts:

alibubbles · 08/02/2007 15:56

None of mine came today, just as well as I can't get my car out of our drive. Tried to use DD's car which is a manual and got stuck in our lane!


ThePrisoner · 08/02/2007 20:24

I have to drive to do the school run, and had already discussed with parents yesterday that I wasn't keen on doing morning school run if the roads were bad. Equally, the parents weren't happy at the thought of driving to my house either. As it happened, the school was shut!

I have good relationships with my parents (at the moment!!) so don't feel the need to do a written policy.

However, I guess that if I had to put something general in writing, I would say that driving to school in "dangerous" driving conditions is at my discretion. I probably wouldn't charge them, as it would be my choice not to go. "Bad weather" in itself wouldn't be a problem, just bad driving conditions.

franyfroo - did the parents query whether you were happy to do the school run? Do you think the parents of the under 3s have a problem with it?


dmo · 08/02/2007 20:28

hey what a fab idea
might go and type one up now b4 the snow comes wonder if i can use it when its bucketing down with rain too

worst thing would be to be snowed in with all my before schoolers (10 of them) think i would brave the rain/snow thinking about it


Shosha · 08/02/2007 20:33

Message withdrawn


dmo · 08/02/2007 20:39

think i might just run out into the snow leaving all 10 behind


LoveMyGirls · 08/02/2007 20:43

I had 3 under 3 and my 7yr old today and we didnt leave the house at all. I was due to collect another mindee at 3pm but i phoned to say i wouldn't be going out in these conditions and if they wanted to bring him and pick him up in a taxi then i would have him but they didn't think it was worth it.

As it turned out, mindee 1 was ill and went home after an hour, mindee 2 - his mum drives 4x4 so was fine, dd1 had a friend over and they built a snowman it was fab fun.


LoveMyGirls · 08/02/2007 20:45

Tomorrow i don't plan on going anywhere until later maybe if its cleared up I said i would take dd1 to the cinema late afternoon. Luckily dp is off so he can take dd1 to school if its open.


Shosha · 08/02/2007 20:47

Message withdrawn


dmo · 09/02/2007 08:19

no snow again todat looks like i'm working


Shosha · 09/02/2007 08:45

Message withdrawn


alibubbles · 09/02/2007 09:56

I am off to the Maldives today!


dmo · 09/02/2007 10:31

lovely name for the baby girl

wish i was off on my hols you lucky thing


mykidzrmyworld · 09/02/2007 10:59

thought u meant maldives was a nice name until I read it properly!
Snowing on the mountains today here in Cwmbran
had my 1 mindee at 7.30 then I found out school closed so relative picked him up after we had great snowball fight
Now as I have the day off taking my ds up the mountain to do some sledging --im such a kid


StrawberrySnowflakes · 09/02/2007 15:11

very pretty name Shosha!!

and alibubbles... i dint know CM paid so well..have a fab time


Shosha · 09/02/2007 15:16

Message withdrawn

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