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CM CLUB - advice on school holiday contract please!

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star1976 · 06/02/2007 15:44

Hi all, hoping you can help.

A parent & child came round couple of weeks ago to see about placing with me for half term as her normal childminder is away for the week.

Called last week to confirm that wants to place with me , which is fine cause I have the space. But, and I know how dumb this is , we never actually discussed the financial arrangements.

She did look through my portfolio and my rates/payment in advance policies are in there, so do you think she just agree's with them?

Need to call her to ask her to come round a little early on first morning to sign paperwork, should I mention money then? (Really hate that part of childminding).

Also have no short term contracts and NCMA said wouldn't be able to get me one here in time (even though their head office is 10 mins from my house).

Any ideas on how I can word a contract that is Home Made???? Or can I doctor NCMA other contract to suit?

OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 06/02/2007 21:15

bumping this for you as maybe Katymac or one of the experienced CM's can help with contract, but TBH, id just use normal one and write in notes that it is onl for holiday cover..decide what you are going to charge(taking into account it emergency care/one off(dont take the mick tho), then write it down there is a palce for it near notes about hours and get her to read through and sign.hth


Shosha · 06/02/2007 21:27

Message withdrawn


StrawberrySnowflakes · 06/02/2007 21:32

LOL, i talk the talk, but i dont walk the walk!!


Shosha · 06/02/2007 21:54

Message withdrawn


ThePrisoner · 06/02/2007 22:06

I would also use a normal contract. Although you are only needed for this one week, maybe they would use you again as a back-up.

I have NCMA contracts for parents that only use me occasionally. I write down the hourly rate, put N/A by the days, but include something like "hourly rate for any hours required (spaces permitting)."


StrawberrySnowflakes · 07/02/2007 10:31

lol Shosha![smil] didnt knwonit was him that said that??!!


Shosha · 07/02/2007 13:58

Message withdrawn


star1976 · 07/02/2007 14:40

Thanks! Will use normal contract as suggested.

Managed to pluck up the courage to call her yesterday and she is coming round tomorrow night to sign paperwork and pay me! Mentioned that we hadn't discussed finances so she just said she had seen my rate in Portfolio and was happy to pay it! That never happens and never expect to get printed rate, it is just there so we have a point to negotiate from .

Maybe my own children can eat as well as mindee this month now!

Just need a full timer as well as 30 hour mindee I already have and can quit crappy horrid weekend job!!!! (Keeping my fingers crossed, and I'll even cross my legs if it'll work).

OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 07/02/2007 19:51

oh well done..really pleased for you, already got my fingers crossed for me but soon as im sorted with re-cross them for you

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