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minimum hours charge increase?

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mazzed42 · 06/02/2007 14:26

Hi, I have a mindee who comes different hours and different days every week, i basically keep a full time space available for him as i never know when he will be coming from one week 2 the next. We agreed that she would pay a min of 10 hours a week based on an average of his weekly hours (after he had been coming for a few weeks) but lately his average hours are around 20, do you think it is fair to ask her to increse her min weekly payment because of this to say 18 hours a week? her contract is due to be reviewed in april.

OP posts:
pinkranger · 06/02/2007 14:34

yes, def!

StrawberrySnowflakes · 06/02/2007 14:40

yes, i have just changed contract to suit parent and the contract wasnt ready to be reveiwed until may, just give 4 weeks notice of change.

ThePrisoner · 06/02/2007 19:09

Yes! I would probably give a bit of verbal notice rather than just leaving it till when you contractually have to.

Shosha · 06/02/2007 20:12

Message withdrawn

mykidzrmyworld · 06/02/2007 20:47

I think shosha is right!
Your losing big time mazzed42 and I would def put up the min num of hrs per week or the hr;y rate should be more than usual to cover what u are missing out on.
Have u had other enquiries that u have had to turn down because of this mindee??

ThePrisoner · 06/02/2007 21:53

To be honest, no I wouldn't charge for a full week if someone wanted different hours/days each week.

I have minded for a family who worked shifts, which equated to roughly 3 days/week. The mum didn't work full-time, so certainly couldn't afford to pay a full-time rate.

I totally understand why childminders would charge for a full week, it's just not something which sits comfortably with me. If I didn't want to accept shift work, then I just wouldn't do it.

mazzed42 · 08/02/2007 20:37

yes i have turned down other mindees for this but the trouble is i only have him when she is actually at work and she only works odd hours herself due to her job. Ive asked her if she would rather leave him all day and she cant afford to pay that as she is self employed. anyway i think i will just increase her minimum fee as you think thats fair, sometimes its hard to know what to do as there isnt one fixed rule for everyone!

OP posts:
mazzed42 · 10/02/2007 14:32

Oh dear! ive spoken to her today and she wasnt too impressed with the idea of incresing her min fee! she said she couldn't really manage it and that she never knows what hours she is working from one week to the next. TBH she often pays more than this anyway so the only time it would affect her is when she doesnt need me but i am still available. she is thinking about it and talking it over with dh.

OP posts:
mykidzrmyworld · 10/02/2007 15:04

I would personally say then to her YOU are finding it hard as YOU are trying to earn a living and U need a garenteed income!
I know it sounds harsh but your next enquiry that suits u better then u might have to think about more before turning it down!

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