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Can you childmind from a flat???

6 replies

littlenutmeg · 02/02/2007 19:47

Probably a stupid question but one I need an answer from.

Do any of you know??

OP posts:

funnypeculiar · 02/02/2007 19:47

My c/m does


ThePrisoner · 02/02/2007 20:24

As long as you have access to a park or similar for outdoor play, Ofsted will be happy.


nannynick · 02/02/2007 20:42

Has to meet size requirements. My flat (well the usable space) is too small.


mogs0 · 04/02/2007 21:59

I'm in a 2nd floor, 2 bed flat and am allowed to have 2 children plus my own ds.

I was originally registered in a one bed flat and allowed the same numbers.


LaaLaaPosh · 04/02/2007 22:13

The childminder I had for my eldest son was in a flat, she just used to make sure she took the LO's out everyday


mumlove · 05/02/2007 09:32

I was told that it was fine but needed to prove to Ofsted about getting the children out everyday.

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