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CM Club....Babysitting charges

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hennipenni · 02/02/2007 10:00

Hi, forgive me if this has been covered but how much do you think I should charge for babysitting? The children in question are 1 and 9yrs old and I know that neither of them will be in bed before I go home (it is normal for them to be in bed late), my normal minding fees are £2.50/hr or £3.00/hr for unsociable hours. However as I'm not going to be in my own home and putting my own family out as it were I was thinking of charging £7.00 per hour(£3.50 per child), Do you think this is too much/too little?.


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thefatfairy · 02/02/2007 12:07

i charge £5 per hour per child before midnight and £10 per hour per child after midnight. Also have a minimum fee of £20


hennipenni · 02/02/2007 12:35

Oh, ok looks like I will have to charge more

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