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mogs0 · 01/02/2007 00:19

I was wondering if anyone works with an assistant?

I have a nanny-friend who is about to have her own baby. After her maternity leave she'll be looking for another nanny job. I suggested she maybe could work as a childminder with me in my home. Does anyone have any experience of this and have any advice for me? Am going to ring NCMA but thought I'd check with you experienced bunch first!!

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Katymac · 01/02/2007 08:11

If you want to get in touch.......katymacb at hotmail dot co dot uk (iyswim)
There are ups & downs

ThePrisoner · 01/02/2007 18:11

Because I work occasionally with an assistant (any of my dds if home from uni, or my dh who is able to work from home - and only if it's an emergency or ad hoc care in school holidays), I don't have to pay them anything, which includes not paying their tax or NI.

As I'm sure Katymac will tell you, working with non-relatives involves paying the minimum wage, tax, NI etc.

dmo · 01/02/2007 19:03

looked into it but looked a real headache

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