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CM Club: Childminding in a Second Home

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nannynick · 30/01/2007 20:10

Yorkshire Post: Ofsted forced to say sorry to childminder
Interesting news article regarding advise given by Ofsted Helpline regarding use of a Second Home for childminding. Also highlights what the rule actually is - someone has to be resident a the home (thus residential premises), but it does not have to be the registered childminder themselves!
Thought this may be of interest.

OP posts:

Katymac · 30/01/2007 20:15

Wow - they told me straight off that a minder has too live in the house minding takes place in

That might work for me btw as I could have a second house and put a tenant in


ThePrisoner · 30/01/2007 20:51

I have no idea how I know, but I do know that you have to live in the house you childmind from.

Only goes to show that you should never believe anything verbal, and you should also get important stuff like this in writing.


crace · 30/01/2007 20:59

I never would have thought to do that tbh - surely that would turn into a nursery/daycare and under different requirements. I am not sure how I know this either but I did. I've thought I might have a go when I've done this more..

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