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New Registered Childminder in Gosport, Hampshire with Vacancies!! :)

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madge7 · 30/01/2007 09:47

HI Everyone,

Wow what a great sight, I am so glad I found it, I have learnt so much - why didnt they recommend this on the ICP course!??

I am lucky enough to be minding a ten month old lovely little girl, two days a week at present along with a cute 3 year old boy on a wednesday, although we would like new friends to come and play with us - so vacancies are available....

If anyone can advise on how I advertise in this area, or in general I would really welcome your comments.

Besides anyone who perhaps might be interested in that, its nice to see what a great little chat village there is going on here and it would be nice to hear from any local childminders to maybe meet up from time to time and hear from anyone else in this fab world of childminding!



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