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Had my Care Commission inspection today,guess how long it took???

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agalch · 29/01/2007 22:44


20 flipping minutes.She was meant to be here at 10am and strolled up the path at 10.50am.

Asked about my child protection policy,had i read the Birth to 3?

And that was it,has anyone had their inspection recently? And was it as crap as mine??

OP posts:

mogs0 · 29/01/2007 22:53

I am inspected by ofsted and had my inspection a couple of months ago. Inspector was here for nearly 2 hours and talked LOADS and asked LOTS of questions!! Thankfully, I had the 2 most well-behaved children in the whole world and it all went really well!!

What was the outcome? I hope it was all fine!!


Ceolas · 29/01/2007 22:55

Very worrying if that is the level of their inspection.


agalch · 30/01/2007 07:06

Sorry dd woke up last night so logged off as soon as i posted.Well i have always had good inspections,always lasting at least 1.5/2 hours.

Just can't understand their reasons for a 20 minute inspection.

OP posts:

mrspitt · 30/01/2007 11:30

I had my inspection last september by the Care Commision and it was 1 and half hours but maybe you filled enough information on the self valuation form (if thats what its called!) that they felt thet didn't need any more from you?


agalch · 30/01/2007 11:42

My self evaluation forms had to be done by the 2nd of February so i hadn't done them on Friday when she phoned.

Still haven't done them as dd's were ill over the weekend.

Have been registered for 12 years so maybe thats why?

Was really annoyed about her being 50 minutes late tho.

OP posts:

saltire · 30/01/2007 11:49

I had one in December which was over an hour. Then I had another a couple of weeks ago,which she said was to check my level of awareness of the National Standards. That was all she did, she never looked round the house, at first aid kit, anything like that. She had chosen 5 Standards and i had to prove how i was adhering to them..
I think the CC make the rules up as they go along TBH


Ineedaholiday · 30/01/2007 16:34

My cc inspection lasted 2 hrs in december, The one for th yr before was 45 minutes. She was more interested in the favt that I had bleach on a shelf in the bathroom that is about 5 foot in the air, behind the bath and no mindee could reach than how ell I watched my mindees, She did give me a good report though so Im happy


Ineedaholiday · 30/01/2007 16:37

Saltire, just being nosey, why did you get an inspection on the standards, are they going to do this to all of us or was it just for you. [Off to panic at the thought of another inspection )


saltire · 30/01/2007 16:45

I got the impression it was going to be done to all CM's at some point. I was fully prepared for a "proper" inspection, even though i had only had one a few weeks before, i actually thought someone had complained about me.
I got the parent questionnaire things to send out, and she kept going on about social services scotland, and did i have this leaflet - the name of which escapes me, i shall find it later - and it was literally checking my interpretaion of different standards. She also said something about Cm's eventually being registered (in Scotland) with Social Services as well as CC. I said i thought this was a bad idea, as many people had misconceptions about Social Workers and if they thought that a CM was one of them (even though they wouldn't be) it may well put them off using one.
However, there was 3 under 5's in the house and they were quite vocal, so i may have misunderstood some of what she said. I'll find out and let you know

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