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How long does it take to register as a CM in England

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saltire · 29/01/2007 13:29

I may be moving down south at some point this year. Have been a CM for 6 years, 4 of them in Scotland. When i moved up here it took from September until end of May to get registered, even though i had been doing it in England, and had been CRB checked etc.
Does it still take that long?

OP posts:
badgerhead · 29/01/2007 13:49

on average down here 12 weeks, could be quicker though as you shouldn't have to do the ICP etc as long as you have evidence of recent training/registration

shosha · 29/01/2007 14:04

Message withdrawn

saltire · 29/01/2007 14:42

Thanks. We are 99% certain to be moving to Portsmouth, or more specifically, Southwick Park some point in the near future.
DH found out back in August that he was in the top 15 for promotion, and 30 were being promoted. He hadn't heard anything though, so his Sgt called PMA a few weeks ago and apparently the vacnacies are at TPW in Henlow - crap crap posting , or Sothwick Park, which seems to be the better of the two. Personally i would rather stay here, but there's no jobs.

OP posts:
saltire · 29/01/2007 14:43

I just didn't fanct being 9months without a job. haven't done any training recently, there seems to be different criteria in Scotland compared to England

OP posts:
mogs0 · 29/01/2007 22:39

I had my inspection in November and it took til March to get my certificate. Although, I had moved house inbetween and I think this slowed things a bit.

Would you have to have a new CRB? I would imagine that would be the thing to slow down the process.

maggi · 30/01/2007 00:15

Our Ofsted people come out within 4 weeks (mine came in 2) and then I had to wait 4 weeks for a certificate.

saltire · 30/01/2007 09:23

I think i would need a new CRB check, i know i did when i moved from England to Scotland last time.

OP posts:
madge7 · 30/01/2007 10:14


I am down in the Portsmouth/Gosport area if thats where your going to and Ofsted come out to see me in October and I got my certificate within two weeks. She was very thorough and stayed oooh prob about 3.5 hours, but yes - i was quite pleased with that really. I did have probs with them receiving all my docs in dribs and drabs which is bizarre as it all went in the same envelope, but once I kicked up over it, (calmly ish....hehe!) it was all resolved and sorted quite quickly.

Are you coming down this way?


tpie · 31/01/2007 21:14

took me 5 weeks from sending away application form to being rgistered

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