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Bloody Care Commission

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agalch · 26/01/2007 16:18

Just back to work on Monday this week.DD1 has chest infection and DD2 (6 months) has bronchilitis but CCO phoned to say she's be in the area on Monday,would i mind if she popped in to do my inspection?

Ummm well dd's are really ill so not sure,oh well she says i don't mind,errr well maybe i bloody do!! So inconsiderate to expect me to chat,show paperwork etc when i have 2 sick dd's.

Have not done my online returns stuff either and i'm not going to do it for Monday either.

Or am i being moaney about nothing?

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saltireneepsandtatties · 26/01/2007 16:21

No, not being moany. My CCO wanted to come out in December when i had my 2 off ill. I pointed out that it wouldn't be a fair inspection as i wouldn't have any mindees in the house!

agalch · 26/01/2007 16:24

Thanks for that

Don't know if i will have my 1 mindee here on Monday.Depends on whether or not my dd's are ok by then.

My online stuff was to be completed by the 2nd of February but i know she will expect me to scribble it all out for Monday.Normally i would tbh but i am feeling so annoyed at her and have had no sleep for 4 nights so she will have to take me as she finds me lol

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dmo · 26/01/2007 17:22

whats cco and what do they do?
just intrested

saltire · 26/01/2007 17:25

Care Commission officer - the Scottish equivalent of OFSTED

saltire · 26/01/2007 17:26

Pressed post message by accident. the Care Commission regulates all care in Scotland, nursing and children's homes, nurseries, playgroups childminders etc.

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