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cm club feeling sad

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dmo · 26/01/2007 12:34

it was my uncles funeral today and i made arrangements to have the morning off
but new baby (3rd visit) couldnt get anybody and she is a screamer
in the end didnt go to the funeral today as baby was screaming so much
just feel sad

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 26/01/2007 12:50 need to stick to your guns like i should...the parent should have taken the morning of, they didnt give and take you shouldnt have had sorry for you she there all day?
if you were close, id have had her or would give you a break now as im off this afty..big hug on its way(even tho i dont normally 'do' them


StrawberrySnowflakes · 26/01/2007 12:51

just realised it was a visit!.cheeky parent, she should have arranged another more suitable day!


shosha · 26/01/2007 12:56

Message withdrawn


dmo · 26/01/2007 13:56

thanks strawberry
think she had planned something and couldnt get out of it
i'm giving her another week and if baby doesnt settle think i will have to give her notice

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saltireneepsandtatties · 26/01/2007 13:57

There is nothing worse than a screamer as well, It won't help how you are feeling about missing the funeral


dmo · 26/01/2007 14:15

neighbour has just been over (used to have her 3 children) and she got a puppy last night and brought it to show me
it is sooooooooooooo cute
feel much better now prob just needed some company
didnt tell neighbour about the funeral but will prob feel upset when i see my family tonight

OP posts:

saltireneepsandtatties · 26/01/2007 14:20

When i read the bit about your neighbour coming over, i thought "oh poor thing, the neighbour has complained about the screaming". That's what one of my neighbours did when i had a screamer. But no, it was all about her nice puppy. That would cheer you up a little


dmo · 26/01/2007 14:23

she lives across the road next to the church (church is striaght opp us) so hope she didnt hear the crying
baby loved the puppy and hasnt cried since

poor you with your neighbours

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