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Too early to start contacting CMs?

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blissieblue · 26/01/2007 08:38

After a review of our finances it looks like I will definitely be going back to work at least part time in about a year. DS will be nearly 3 and baby (due in March) 10 months. I've thought about it and I'd prefer to use a childminder - especially for the baby, even though DS will probably have started at nursery a couple of mornings a week by then.
Is it too early to start contacting local childminders given that I obviously don't know where or when I'll be working? Also I don't know where DS will be at nursery yet and if he is at nursery it would probably mean the childminder picking him up from there - is this something most childminders can do?
It might take quite a while for me to find the right job and how will I manage if starting that job doesn't coincide with places at a CM coming up? In your experience how do other parents manage this?
I really want to have an idea of how all this will work but don't want to waste people's time when I can only be at best very vague about what I will need!

OP posts:

dmo · 26/01/2007 09:20

i like people to contact me earler as i can sort of asume which places will be available

i would also urge you to visit other childminders then nearer the time you can book one of us


blissieblue · 26/01/2007 10:14

if any of you are in East Edinburgh I'd definitely come and see you

OP posts:

dmo · 26/01/2007 12:45

sorry north west
but i bet lots of cm think the same as me


ThePrisoner · 26/01/2007 20:56

You could contact some local minders and just sound them out - it might give you more of an idea of what sort of person you'd choose. Just be honest with the CMs (ie. that you probably don't want anyone just yet, but would like a chat).


gooseegg · 26/01/2007 21:15

I wouldn't mind at all being contacted and visited as long as the parent was honest about their situation. It's great to see parents doing their research properly.
Visits from any new parents are always good practice, and it's nice to chat, and you never know who they may recommend you to.

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