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Well - it's been going well..

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crace · 25/01/2007 13:46

I've had two settling in afternoons/evenings with the 9.5 mo baby who is lovely, and I think everyone is happy.. she just gets grizzly about 5.30-6 pm but she is getting sleepy and it's been a long ole day (she comes from nursery in the am).

Question though - I know we are meant to follow the Birth to Three Matters guidelines, and Ofsted like to see a learning plan (a local c/m had it in her report and they marked her down for it!) but where/how do we come up with such things? I think I feel badly just following everyone around playing all day - like they should be getting something more structured out of it?

I definitely follow the everything is a learning opportunity mantra, but structured learning/play?

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ThePrisoner · 25/01/2007 20:20

You will almost certainly be following the Birth to Three guidelines anyway - it's the sort of stuff that you do with all babies and children, and I'm sure you know that.

The difficulty arises when you have to demonstrate somehow that this is what you do, because this is what Ofsted want to see.

Take photos - it proves you do stuff! Read through your B23 info to see how your basic activities link up with what it asks for. Write stuff down, only needs to be notes.

You can make it as heavy-duty as you want really. Just being aware of what you're doing, and being aware that Ofsted like a bit of planning means that you halfway there.

Gosh, that was a bit epic, sorry!

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