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CM Club: A guide to parents..........."Your childminder likes......"

42 replies

Katymac · 24/01/2007 18:40

I thought this might be a bit of fun??

We can write the things that matter to each of us. Funny or silly allowed.

Your childminder likes to be paid on time
Your childminder likes to know what time you will pick up
Your childminder likes to know the "rules" at your house

Carry on with your own

OP posts:

Isyhan · 24/01/2007 18:44

Your childminder likes to be remembered from time to time.
Your childminder definately likes to be paid on time.
Your childminder likes for mums at playgroup not to say about childminding 'its better than working I suppose'


shosha · 24/01/2007 18:51

Message withdrawn


saltireneepsandtatties · 24/01/2007 19:07

Your childminder likes to be paid on time

Your childminder likes you to have some sort of sleepinbg routine with your child, before arriving at Cm's.

You childminder would like your chiold to eat snacks and meals at times set by the childminder, not eat out of their lunchbox all day.

Your childminder would like it if her IL's, friends and general people she meets in her day to day life would stop referring to childminding as "babysitting" and asking when i will get a proper job!.

can you tell what sort of day i have had


Cwmbranchildminder · 24/01/2007 19:11


lol - not that I dont like my job! But we all love our days off!


hennipenni · 24/01/2007 20:56

Your childminder likes being paid on time!!
Your childminder likes you to provide plenty of wipes/nappies/spare clothes...
Your childminder likes your children who require breakfast before going to school to arrive at a reasonable time,NOT 5 minutes before we leave for school.


Katymac · 24/01/2007 20:59

Your childminder likes to know how you are potty training at home
Your childminder likes your child to have a nice warm coat (esp when it is snowing)
Your childminder likes to know if they threw up last night (they shouldn't be here today)

OP posts:

FromGirders · 24/01/2007 21:06

Your childminder would really like if most of her own family did not forget or totally dismiss the fact that she is working!
(Don't mean that they think it's a cooshy job, but they actually forget I have one and expect me to be able to visit / take trips to see them whenever it suits them!!!!
Sorry for rant.


saltireneepsandtatties · 24/01/2007 21:14

well girders,I have stopped answering my home phone during the day. I have caller display, and unless it's one of mindees parents I don't answer. I got so sick of all my frineds, my mum, MIL, my aunts etc phoning during the day and expecting me to have huge long chats with them


S88AHG · 24/01/2007 22:08

Your childminder likes a bottle of chardonnay and a large box of chocolates every friday evening as a reward for putting up with your miserable dc s all week


FromGirders · 24/01/2007 22:24

Saltire, that sounds like a good idea, though my mums phonecalls are often a welcome relief from "it's my shot" "no it's my turn now" or various two-year old interpretations of that.

The most recent one was my grandparents "we will be visiting your area so that we can see the children". Me - "well make it the end of the week, you know I work Mon, Tues, Weds", them "Ohh, do you have to?"

I'll just tell his mum to cancel her meetings, shall I? Grrr.

Hello by the way, my dh works in StA, so know your part of the world. I'm further north though.


smeeinit · 24/01/2007 22:28

your childminder works all day just like you so doesnt want to stand chatting for half an hour after work!

your childminder would appreciate a phone call to let her/him know you are running late.........preferably a little before due pick up time!!


FromGirders · 24/01/2007 22:33

Can't really complain about my mindee's m&d as they're so nice! Some of these posts are making me appreciate what I've got


Greensleeves · 24/01/2007 22:38

shosha, how about being called a babysitter by educated people?


shosha · 24/01/2007 22:40

Message withdrawn


alibubbles · 25/01/2007 07:13

Katymac, I'll second - Your childminder likes you to provide a hat, coat and gloves. I have just bought a child in my care a coat as she never ever comes with one, I think mum thinks new stay in all day, thi is not the first family and they are not 'poor' famiies.

Despite me telling her, I do not have a cosy toes as I hate them, that her DD is in the pushchair without a coat when we collect from nursery, okay,it is opnly 500 yards, but all the other mums look at me in my thick cosy duffel and then at mindie!


ssd · 25/01/2007 07:55

your childminder would appreciate you telling them if your child had a bad night/no breckie/etc so she wouldn't need to make wild guesses


saltireneepsandtatties · 25/01/2007 08:03

alibubbles, one of my mindees mums insists on sending him in a big thick coat "because it's very cold". but Never,ever sends gloves or a hat, so his wee hands get really cold, then of course he gets upset.
Mind you, this same mother has been known to send mindee in thick sweater and jeans on really hot sunny days, and in shorts nad t-shirt and nothing else on chilly days!


Katymac · 25/01/2007 08:23

Your childminder likes to not have in depth child psychology discussions at 7:30 am

OP posts:

saltire · 29/01/2007 10:58

Your childminder likes it if you do not send your 2year old in pull-ups, when they are not being potty trained. This is especially the case if they poo and the pull up is too big!
Your childminder likes it if you put clothes on your child that fits the "size" they are, not the "age" they are. This is especially true if you have a non-potty trained child wearing pull-ups, and trousers that are far too big for him


FromGirders · 29/01/2007 11:01

Eww saltire, that sounds like you've just had a yucky experience!!


saltire · 29/01/2007 11:07

Can you tell.
The child in question has just turned 2. He is a small 2 though, a good head and shoulders smaller than the other 2 year olds we see at toddler group. His mum puts him in 2-3 year old clothes, the trousers of which fall down, constantly. Of course, the pull up goes down with the trousers.
When i said about his clothes being too big, her reply was
"Oh but he's 2 now so he needs 2 year old clothes".
that, coupled with the pull-ups can often make for a lot of mess!


dmo · 29/01/2007 11:14

your children likes when:
you send spare clothes for your children
tell me when child has had a bad night
you dont hang about till your child is crying for you

brings birthday/christmas cards


StrawberrySnowflakes · 29/01/2007 12:45

we like it when......
we get paid on time, or if you do not have change etc, you actually say so and ask if its ok to pay a tea time instead of walking out the door leaving us wondering and making me walk miles to cash point for cash..better still make sure you have change/enough money as im not a flaming charity(one mum payed me short last week as she didnt want to give taxi driver a £20 noteas "he'd moan")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.... your children come with warm out door clothes, inc vests and socks FGS it january!!!
....their outdoor clothes get washed once in a while as everyone always thinks mindees are our DC's inless we tell them so think WE have dirty children!
....dont put them in thin tights and little skirts when you know were off to walk miles to playgroup in the buggy as their little legs are freezing! not turn up 50 minutes later than drop off time expecting me to be sat happily waiting while dd should be at school and do not dare to be off with me cos i dare to set off to school makiing sure my dd is not late!
...please give them a awash every now and agin, clean fingernails esp! not arrive on time/late then expect to talk for any longer than 5 minutes cos your children then wreck the house or beat up dd'cos mums there and i wont get told off', you have a diary to fill you in on day to day things!..hang on there will be more!...


franyfroo · 29/01/2007 12:50

your childminder would prefer it if you didnt arrive at 7am in power clothing and stunning makeup.

your childminder would prefer it if you didnt return in the evening still in power clothing and stunning makeup.

your childminder would like you to leave straight away and not stand chatting unless it is really urgent. I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW!


suzy26 · 29/01/2007 22:15

your childminder would prefer it if you wiped the dinner/brekkie/snot off your DC before you dropped them off when you know we go straight out......

your childminder would like pull ups totally banned, for ever......

your childminder would like you to realise that dropping off 10 mins late is not reason to pick up 10 mins late.......

your childminder would appreciate it if you cut your childs fingernails once in a while to save me the job.........

your childminder would like it very much if you dressed your child appropriatly for the weather/gym day......

all these apply to just one parent!

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