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franyfroo · 23/01/2007 13:04

My pc has crashed and I think i have lost everything. (In library at mo) does anyone have a draft of a variation letter for 4 under 5s i can pinch pleeeeeeese. Mines in pc land and need to send it this week.


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ayla99 · 23/01/2007 14:12

Oh no! Had to restart my Quality First 3 times for pc problems so know how you feel!

Don't have copy of mine to hand but went something like

I would like to request a variation to allow me to care for 4 under fives from xdatex to xdatex as under my current registration I am unable to provide continuity of care for the children I childmind.

Insert reason for request/circumstances

I am confident that I am able to manage this arrangement without compromising the care of the other children present and I have spoken to all parents concerned and each has agreed they would be happy with this arrangement.

I look forward to receiving your considered reply. I can be contacted on xxx should you require any further information.

The first time I applied I also included letters from parents, timetable of children attending to clearly show the overlap and a list of all children & their dates of births and a description of how I planned to manage the practicalities of the overlap.
Ofsted lady said my letter was very thorough, so i've since downsized it a bit!

franyfroo · 24/01/2007 12:25


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shosha · 24/01/2007 13:15

Message withdrawn

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