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How much should i expect to pay a nanny??

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Tessiebear · 23/01/2007 11:11

I am looking for a nanny for a couple of days a week and have just heard of one who is working for another family for 3 days and is looking to fill the other two days.
Before i speak to her i would like to have a vague idea of what i should expect to pay for her to look after my ds3 (18MONTHS) from 9am - 4pm whilst i am working from home. I live in South east Kent. Your wisdom would be very much appreciated

OP posts:

busymummy · 23/01/2007 14:03

i would say in the region of £50-£60 net per day for the hours you have suggested
hope that helps


uwila · 23/01/2007 14:04

There could be quite a range really, depending on age, experience, qualifications, etc.

Can you find out what the other family is paying her, and use that as a guide?

My advice is make very sure that you pay her in gross, not net. The other family probably has the lowest level of tax, so paying in gross protects you from any changes in the tax law.


nannynick · 23/01/2007 23:15

As an employer, budget for £10-£11 per hour.

Rough figures (Only suitable for example, not for completing PAYE)
Hours per week = 14
Hourly Gross pay = £10
Weekly Gross Pay = £140
Weekly Employers NICs (2006/07 tax year) = £5.57 See CA38
Weekly cost to employer: £145.57
Annual cost to employer: £7569.64
Annual hours: 728
Thus per hour comparison: £10.40 (cost to employer, not nannies salary!)
(Note: There will be new NICs tables from April 2007, could increase or decrease cost)

As you would not be the nannies sole employer, vital that you agree a Gross wage. Then your nanny can decide if he/she wants the tax code split between employers, or for main employer to use all personal allowance, and you to deduct his/her tax based on zero personal allowance. Tax office may also advise you on tax code they want you to use.
If you are new to having an employee and any of this looks complex, don't worry as much will be explained in the New Employers pack which you get from HMRC and via their helpline.

You may be able to agree a little lower Gross salary, as it is only one child (nannies usually care for 2 or more children in my experience). However I doubt you will get all that much lower than £9 per hour Gross, as you are in the South East.

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