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Question for CMs

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Paddlechick666 · 22/01/2007 12:31


DD started with CM today and am sure she's doing just fine.

What's the "etiquette" for Mum phoning or texting to check?

Is it okay to send her a quick text or is that intruding and disrupting her day?


OP posts:

crace · 22/01/2007 12:36

Call or text as much as you like! One of my mindees mum texts, or if he had a little cry when she left I actually text her to let her know he is ok.

Or call - You aren't interupting and I am sure will make you feel better.


nzshar · 22/01/2007 12:41

I also have and open policy call or text anytime. A good childminder would not feel it was an intrusion at all


Paddlechick666 · 22/01/2007 12:42

thanks crace, you don't happen to post on iVillage do you?

OP posts:

Paddlechick666 · 22/01/2007 12:42

i've just sent a text!

OP posts:

dmo · 22/01/2007 12:44

my mindees parents call any time they also have my mobile number incase i'm out and about
i dont mind phone calls its nice to be reasurred
text are prob best thought as cm can read it when she has 5 mins rather then trying to talk to you on the phone while nappy changing/feeding/singing is on


Paddlechick666 · 22/01/2007 12:50

ah well, all good according to text i just got back.

i was sure she would be but y'know how it is LOL

thanks for the responses, it's our first CM experience. hopefully dd will stay there till school!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 22/01/2007 18:39

Even when I've had a child for quite a while, parents still sometimes like a quick update on what sort of day we're having (especially if the parent is having a bad day!)

I don't have a problem with having a phone call, but it's certainly easier to get a text (and to reply).


mogs0 · 22/01/2007 20:00

My "parents" are always texting!! I don't mind at all. My bill was really high this month from replying to all thier texts!!!!


crace · 22/01/2007 20:45

Uh oh - Yes!

Glad to hear all was ok


Paddlechick666 · 22/01/2007 21:49

lol @ crace! maybe you recognise my "name" too.

well dd had a great day and was very pleased to see me when i collected her.

she's back on weds, we only do 2 days per week, so hopefully she'll do really well there.

she already knows how to "play" the system. i said no to another rice cake so off she toddled to CM and lifted her arms LOL.

anyways, thanks all for your reassuring words.

OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 23/01/2007 12:41

when my mindees started i texted thier mums everyday to say hi mummy we have been doing xyz and then we did xyz etc, im having lots of fun, see you tonight..and so on..all parents loved it


smeeinit · 23/01/2007 12:49

my "parents" text me every day to ask how their lo's are.and im always available to talk to also,may sometimes be a bit rushed but a simple "yep they are fine no need to worry" is all thats needed.
and like strawb when they first start i always send texts thro the day just to put mum/dads mind at ease.
and im always honest! i dont just say "yep they are fine" if they have been screaming their nuts off all day!!!

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