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CM's - DH thinks i should back down and let mindee get her way

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saltireneepsandtatties · 22/01/2007 10:53

Some of you may remember i posted a while ago about a mindee who never ate proper meals, she grazed from her lunchbox during the day, sometimes eating crisps at 9am, and wanting tins of soup heated at 10 o clock. I had a word with her mum about this as it was upsetting my other mindees who were then screeching for lunch at 10am. So she gets something from her lunchbox at 10am, plus one of my snacks. Then at 11.30 they all sit down to lunch.
Today i took her grapes from her lunchbox (other mindees all had grapes for snack) and gave her them for snack, with the proviso that if she ate them all she could get something else.
Mindees 1 and 2 ate theirs so they got a piece of toast. This girl got down
"I'm not hungry i don't want them". So i said well you will not get toast. 5mins later she is saying
"i want my crisps from my lunchbox". I have said no, not till you eat grapes. Dh says i should just give her the crisps.
So, i'm interested to know what other CM's would do! I should point out i haven't abandoned them, they are here in room with me, watching Lion King.

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 22/01/2007 11:00

i wouldnt give in. How old is she?

throckenholt · 22/01/2007 11:03

I would stick to your rules - the other kids abide by them and they seem fair. she will get used to it.

saltireneepsandtatties · 22/01/2007 11:08

She is 4, she is still asking for her crisps, and saying
"I'm telling my mum on you"

OP posts:
Cwmbranchildminder · 22/01/2007 11:15

what did her mum say when u brought it up with her??
I would stick to your guns as if u give in she will always think she can get her own way and become really spoilt.
If u also said yes to crips then it would be unfair for the other mindee's to watch

nzshar · 22/01/2007 11:43

I wouldnt give in either especially as it upsets the other childrens routines as well.
My motto is "my house, my rules" she is old enough to have snack at snack time or wait think it would be a different matter if she was 2 or something. She is not far off school age and they cant have snack whenever they please at school there are set times.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/01/2007 12:05

no dont let her have them, she is pushing the boundaries. what did her mother say?, im assuming she agreed with you?
your dh prob wants a quiet life if hes there ewhen she demanding junk, but you cant have one rulle for her and one for others, why doesnt she eat your meals?

saltireneepsandtatties · 22/01/2007 12:13

When i first mentioned to her mum a couple of weeks ago, that i was going to stop letting her eat when she wanted, she was fine about it.
All my mindees bring their own fod strawberry, i say i would cahrge £1.00 a day per child for meals. I provide snakcs and drinks.
As far as i am aware she never eats proper eals at home either, she is always "hungry" according to her mum, and will sit at the table with he rfamily but won't eat properly IYSWIM. her mum has told em the only veg she eats is sweetcorn and the only fruit she eats is grapes, which must be green. Knowing this, i always offer fruit as a snack in teh morning, i give her the grapes from her lunchbox, and the other 2 mindees get fruit - of any sort they eat it all. I have tried doing tasters with her, you knwo trying different foods, but she just sits there "I don't like it". Her mum often send tins of soup, i will heat it up ( as well as getting teh other 2's lunches ready. On a good day she will eat 3 spoons of it.
i make her sit at the table until the others have finished. I also have no TV on, she would sit there all day watching it. In fact she won't do any activity unless the tv is on, but i switch it off and make her sit at thet able, eventually she does it. Like today she put two dabs of paint on the paper and said "i've finished my picture i don't want to do any more, can i have TV on?"

OP posts:
uwila · 22/01/2007 12:46

I wouldn't give in. And if I were the parent of another mindee I would really like to know that my kid sits there watching someone else get crisps on demand.

You are doing the right thing. Maybe you should explain to your DH that if the other kids see her getting what she wants on demand then he will soon have to listen to all of them demanding things left and right, and it won't make for a peaceful house.

uwila · 22/01/2007 12:47

I wish I could type. Meant to say that I wouldn't like my kid to watch another getting her crisps on demand.

shosha · 22/01/2007 13:45

Message withdrawn

saltireneepsandtatties · 22/01/2007 16:03

Well i didn't give in and she finally came to me and asked for her grapes and ate them - all 6 of them. So then she got her crisps, and ate a croissant and some breadsticks for her lunch!

OP posts:
shosha · 22/01/2007 16:16

Message withdrawn

saltireneepsandtatties · 22/01/2007 16:32

We will be having Haggis Neeps and Tatties here on Thursday, although knowing my DS they will say "I don't like it". I am now being as firm with DS1, within 10 minutes of him being home from school he had "accidentally" woken mindees 1 &2, both of whom had finally got off to sleep ten minutes beforehand. Then when i was in kitchen, he lifted mindee 1, who, having been woken is in his usual "I'm going to cling to saltire's leg and not let her move an inch" mood, so he is now screeching like a banshee whilst sitting on my knee.
I have lost the will to argue with DS1 anymore it is just a constant battle, if he's like this now at 8 what's it going to be like when he is a teenager. he is in his room, and i am adamant he is not getting out till dinner time

OP posts:
shosha · 22/01/2007 17:37

Message withdrawn

StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/01/2007 19:13

glad it worked out well..unfortunatly they will all try it on..i got both my dd and mindee one to eat chicken curry tonight!..dd used to eat stuff like this when evry young(baby curry) but never since, so both of them eating it was major!
tho mindee one and two had bagel with cream cheese for snack this morn, mindee two wouldnt eat hers,mindee one still hungry, so offerd cereal bar..which mindee two screamed plalce down for, but i class that as treat, so she didnt get one as shed not ate bagel...she soon ate all her lunch knowing no desert if she hadnt

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