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After school clubs

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My2kidsmum · 21/01/2007 21:16


I was just wandering if anyone used/has experience of schools that run Breakfast Clubs and After school clubs, also holiday playschemes.

DS is due to start school this year and these clubs would work well with my work hours. However, I am very dubious about putting my (not overly confident and outgoing) DS in these clubs, bearing in mind that I would imagine there would be plenty of older kids in them. He can be quite a shy child and I don't know if he would find this situation a bit over powering. Up to now he's used nursery which has been fine and he's really enjoyed. I only work a couple of days a week but have no family local enough to help and all my friends are working.

Has anyone got any ideas/experience of these clubs please?


OP posts:

Skribble · 21/01/2007 21:22

You really need to suss out what the club is like, what the mixes of ages are, how are they amused etc.

The nearest one to me is run in a sports centre, they have a walking bus from the school to the centre 5 mins walk. It is in a squash court, so very noisy and small. Ages range from 5 to 12 years. Fine for the older kids but I would think younger kids would come out exuasted after a full day at school then a couple of hors in there.

I m sure there are other much better ones around the country, some may be much more suited to a younger or quieter child, where it is much more homely and calm .


flack · 21/01/2007 21:23

DS sometimes goes to an afterschool club that has an Outstanding rating from Ofsted. They are well-organised and the kids have a great time. Lots and lots to do. I would imagine your DS will be fine if he's used to nursery, anyway.


southeastastra · 21/01/2007 21:28

i do a/s clubs and holiday schemes and we really do make an effort to get the younger ones to mix with the older children and find they really do like being together.

if you have any worries go to the club and see for yourself a good leader would be happy to put your mind at ease.


Skribble · 21/01/2007 21:40

I worked on a few summer playschemes and quite frankly I would never put my kids in them. See them in the summer in my local town trailing them along the street, with younger kids getting no more attention that the older ones, even saw one group eating packlunches on the train station floor, so dirty I wouldn't even put my bag down there.

But I have also worked on other ones that are fantasic and really well orgainised, but again feel that younger kids need to be "well at themselves" because of the mix of ages and business of the schedule.


ev1esmum · 21/01/2007 21:42

hi there

Our local school runs one - it is very good for older children. I have two p2 children who went last year and they didn't like it so they now come to me. I do recommend it for older kids parents who call (when I'm full). But each child is different.

Check flexibilty though - our local one opens at 8am close 6pm on the dot. Not available on inservice days as held in school gym hall. What happens if school has to close for some reason? What happens if you need extra days? As our village is small - it is held in the neighbouring village during holidays.

I suppose there is no harm in trying it - get your name down quick though as usually numbers and days can be an issue.



dmo · 21/01/2007 23:03

ours open 10am till 4pm
prob why i have so many in the hols

i think playschemes are great for children aged 8+ but depending on the child
my boys went for a week to try it out (aged then 8 and 9) and they didnt like it
but its cheap think it was £10 per day or £40 per week

my boys used to go to after school club when i worked at a nursery and they loved it the ladies that ran it were lovely


southeastastra · 21/01/2007 23:05

we have 5 year olds on our scheme who are very shy/scared at the outset, but soon mix and have fun, really play leaders do care alot or they wouldn't do it! if they cry or get upset we tell the parents


My2kidsmum · 24/01/2007 16:43

Thanks everyone for your replies - think I'll try and get up there one morning and have a look.

Thanks again.

OP posts:

fennel · 24/01/2007 16:46

My dds have gone to after school club in 3 different schools, since they were 4. They've really enjoyed them, especially the mix of ages, they get petted by the older children and looked after. They've learnt to play new games, and do sewing, and they get to hang out in the playground with different friends to their everyday school ones.

dd1 was a shy quiet 4 year old but she enjoyed the after school club. a good club will be looking out for the little ones and making sure they get their snack etc.

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