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How much to charge?!!

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KathCM · 20/01/2007 13:54

Hi there

I am considering becoming a childminder and have signed up to a local course in my area starting in march. I currently have 3 children 4,5 and 7, and work part time in an office, which i hate! I'd love to be able to work with children and this seems the perfect combination. Can anyone tell me how much the rates are for cm's, as i need to work out if i can at least match my wage that i earn currently......thanks x

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shosha · 20/01/2007 15:18

Message withdrawn

nannynick · 20/01/2007 15:19

It is hard to say what the rates are in general, as local market forces affect things quite a bit.

Research other childminders in your local area. You may find that will provide you will some details regarding fees charged by other childminders in your area. Also obtaining a list from CIS and calling local childminders can also be very useful.

What Town/Village do you live in?

If you let us know where you live, there may be other childcare providers on here who are near to you and thus who can help provide you with details of what fees are typical.

Where I am, on the Surrey/Berkshire border, £4-£4.50 per hour is not unusual.

shosha · 20/01/2007 16:02

Message withdrawn

nannynick · 20/01/2007 17:16

Yes, though not sure how it is relevant to KathCM's query... will post details over at DanceDees thread about Swindon.

shosha · 20/01/2007 17:32

Message withdrawn

shosha · 20/01/2007 17:33

Message withdrawn

KathCM · 20/01/2007 17:56

i've been trying to add a message on this for ages, hope it works this time!!

Thanks Shosha, i have looked on that link and its of great help!

Nick, I live in High wycombe, bucks!

Thanks guys!

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nannynick · 20/01/2007 18:10

High Wycombe has a hospital. You may find that could be a source of business.
While Wycombe hospital has their own day nursery, not all staff may want to use a nursery.
Try contacting:
Sarah Klamut
NHS Childcare and Carer Co-ordinator
Tel: 01296 316044
Email: [email protected]
Sarah appears to cover Mid and South Bucks, so I think that will include High Wycombe.
Chat with her regarding what sort of childcare NHS staff need, then see how you can tailor your service to meet those needs.

shosha · 20/01/2007 18:15

Message withdrawn

KathCM · 20/01/2007 18:31

Thats a great source of info!! Thanks so much!! I will definately contact her! Do you think it would be too soon to contact her now as the course i'm doing doesn't start till march? Although on the other hand it will be good to know the sort of opportunities that i may have!

Many many thanks x

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