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Do you still charge if your mindee is term time only?

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Hollylou · 19/01/2007 20:53

Hi all
Am sure there may already have been previous threads on the same subject but not had chance to go back and check...can I just ask, do you normally still charge if your mindee is term time only? ie do you still charge a fee to their parents in the school holidays even if they child doesn't come to you?
I've just had a parent ask me about term time only care so wanted to get your advice.
Also...if the care is not due to start until later this year, what would you suggest? Do I keep the place open but let the parents know if someone else wants it in the mean time?

OP posts:
Littlefish · 19/01/2007 21:03

I'm a teacher, so only really need my cm in the term times. However, my cm works all year, so we pay her during the holidays as well (full rate).

Our previous cm didn't work during the school holidays, so we didn't pay her during the holidays.

shosha · 19/01/2007 21:12

Message withdrawn

crace · 19/01/2007 21:39

Shosha - wow, what great timing!!

nzshar · 19/01/2007 21:42

Im watching this thread with interest. Have an interview with a parent tomorrow that only wants term time. I was thinking along the lines of a half fee retainer during holidays. I take two weeks off in the summer holidays and a week off at xmas (unpaid) anyway so it will only be 9 weeks at half pay. I also do not take on a full quota of children that i am registered for to offer a more one to one basis so use this as a bargining tool. Do you think this is justified?

cat64 · 19/01/2007 21:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cat64 · 19/01/2007 21:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

parade · 19/01/2007 22:00

As for cat64 - we pay 1/2 rate.

CM has her own school age dd at home in the hols, so is more than happy with this.

For odd days in holidays we negotiate availability (she has an occasional holiday mindee) & obviously it's at full rate.

ThePrisoner · 19/01/2007 22:07

I happily do term-time only contracts and do not charge anything for the school holidays. I mind for two families of schoolteachers (five children between them).

And I also do school-holiday only care.

cat64 · 21/01/2007 15:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

fizzbuzz · 21/01/2007 15:22

my childminder doesn't charge for holidays, because she doesn't work them. ( I am slso a teacher). However have had 2 other minders, neither of whom charged me for holiday period, unless ds went there.

nzshar · 21/01/2007 15:54

Well i decided to say to the parents yesterday that i take 5 weeks holiday a year all these would be taken in the school holidays then a half fee retainer for the other 8 weeks. They seemed happy with this arrangement, as i said before i dont take my full quota therefore this makes me very flexible with what hours i could offer, which they need as they are both on a 4 week rotational time table. Think a bit of give and take is the key. As cat64 said if you are different from the competition it could be difficult but being different can also be a good thing

ev1esmum · 21/01/2007 20:52


I have a few term-time only mindees. I charge half-fee retainer for 8 weeks and no charge for my 4 weeks holiday. I get paid every week the same amount - worked out from May to May. This is great as it means I am still earning during the holidays.
I am very busy and turn away children regularly so I think I am justified in charging for holidays.

Hope this helps

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