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Average pay for live-out nanny?

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chrissiejames · 19/01/2007 17:06

I pay our nanny £8 per hour (plus taxes)and was thinking this might be on the low side - has the average wage gone up to £8.50 per hour?

OP posts:
Mumpbump · 19/01/2007 17:12

Depends where you are, but my neighbours pay their live-out nanny £6.50 an hour, but they were her first nanny position so they probably managed to get a good rate!!

chrissiejames · 19/01/2007 17:30

Hi there - wow - £6.50! I'm in London (bayswater area)!

OP posts:
ZZMum · 19/01/2007 17:32

£7/hour in manchester

feelingfedup · 21/01/2007 11:41

£8 per hour net - London too

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