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How to find someone to go on holiday with us to look after young child?

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meb2006 · 16/01/2007 15:53

Maybe odd one this. Me and DH want to go away for a break before I go back to work after maternity leave. Our daughter will be 10-11 months when we go away. Not sure where yet but somewhere pleasantly hot? say canaries? We want to take someone with to look after her some of the time - any idea how we go about this rather then getting stung for massive agency fees (that's of I can find an agent - all the ones round Brenwtood seem to have shut down) and any idea how much we should pay if we take someone away for a week? Obviously we will cover the cost of the holiday itself. Thanks

OP posts:
uwila · 16/01/2007 16:05

When are you going? Can you borrow someone's nanny or au pair?

uwila · 16/01/2007 16:06

My agency fees are very reasonable if paid in cash.

bakedpotato · 16/01/2007 16:11

what about a hotel/resort with a creche or kids club, and babysitting? No firsthand experience myself, but I think Mark Warner resorts offer this sort of thing?
or advertise on, you might find someone that way

Aloha · 16/01/2007 16:12

the website Gumtree is the way to go, I hear.

LadyOfTheFlowers · 16/01/2007 16:13

if i didnt have my own kids i would come and do it for you gladly, for free!

Bozza · 16/01/2007 16:16

Would you be able to go during the holidays and get a trainee nursery nurse or something who might be available and welcome the experience/sun/cash? If so approach local college.

Mumpbump · 16/01/2007 16:17

Do you not know any suitably mature teenagers who you could take with you? We're hoping to take my dh's niece or a friend's daughter to France on a long weekend for exactly this purpose.

uwila · 16/01/2007 16:17

I think it also depends on where you are going. Say, if you go to Florida, you could probably find someone who lives in Florida on and then you wouldn't have to pay the travel. But, then perhaps you want help on the plane. In which case of course they's have to travel with you. But, if you could live with having someone who lives in/near your travel destination it would save loads.

You might talk to PrincessPeahead. I think she hired someone for a hol in Greece not too long ago.

Gumtree is a good plave to look. Also try if you want to hire in the UK and have her travel with you.

prufrock · 16/01/2007 16:28

Do consider Mark Warner instead - they have resorts in Greece and Turkey and have qualified English nannies who look after babies from 3 months during the day and baby listen in the evenings. They are also completely geared up for babies - 24 hour kitchens for you to heat milk etc and will provide stuff like baby baths/sterilising stuff. Pre-kids I would have hated a holiday spent in one place, but our first MW when dd was 6 months was seriously the BEST break ever

meb2006 · 16/01/2007 16:44

Uwila do you have contact details so I can check rates with you if this becomes applicable? It won't be for a couple of weeks yet. Where are you based?

OP posts:
meb2006 · 16/01/2007 16:45

I wish we did know someone's daughter etc - thatoudl be the beat bet but alas we don't know anyone like that.

OP posts:
uwila · 16/01/2007 17:09

Ummm... you mean for my agency fee? That was a joke. My advice is free.

Seriously, choose your holiday, book it, put an ad up any of the places already mentioned. And you will be inundated with eager applicants.

What does the job entail? I know when I go on hols I like to have my kids with me. But, just for dinner, I'd like to pawn them off to someone else and eat in peace like a grown up. So, if I were you, I'd say the job requires that the nanny/aupair say get the baby dressed and pack his her clothes for the day in the morning, and then she is on duty for a few hours in the evening. So that's about four hours of work per day plus a paid for holiday and I think I'd offer somwhere around £200. And of course I'd buy all her food (within reason).

meb2006 · 16/01/2007 18:16

do you think my brain has been addled since I had my baby? Just a bit. Thanks v much - we will decide where we are going and progress from there. Thanks.

OP posts:
gooseegg · 16/01/2007 20:17

My dd would be delighted to care for your dd.
She is 19, on her gap year, and about to start Primary School Teacher Training in September.
She actually worked this Summer as an au-pair for another mumsnetter in London so has great references and lots of childcare experience (I am a childminder).
Please don't hesitate to contact me through our website if you would like to consider her.

smeeinit · 16/01/2007 20:42

gooseeg just have to say what a fantastic website!

uwila · 16/01/2007 20:48

I can personally speak for Goosegg's DD. She's lovely... and so is Goosey!

Speaking of your DD, Goosey... don't suppose she fancies a live in nanny job in greater London come July?

meb2006 · 16/01/2007 21:29

Thanks very much for the link - I so wish you lived near us - I cannot get my little one into nursery and can't find any childminder that can take a baby where we live and am going bck to work in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!Your website is fantastic!

We will be in touch through the website. If your daughter wants to come and stay as an aupair or mothers help with us she is welcome too - we should be in our new house in a few months.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
gooseegg · 17/01/2007 17:36

Thanks very much for the compliments.

Uwila and meb, my dd would love another nanny/au pair position but she also has her heart set on travelling for a few months prior to starting uni.

CountessDracula · 17/01/2007 17:38

would any of your family do it?

We are taking my SIL to S of France in the summer, she gets a free holiday and all she has to do it get up in the morning for the kids and do the odd evening if we go out

uwila · 17/01/2007 18:26

Goosey, I have just sent you massive long winded e-mail (sorry). Complete with pics of the little Uwilas.

Ah... South of France CD? You ever goin' back to work or what? Get a job, woman.

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