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How likely is it i will find 1 or 2 day's work? In HERTFORDSHIRE?

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kkey21 · 15/01/2007 15:32


I currently have my Tuesdays/Wednesdays taken with two lovely mindies (8mths and 4years), and up until now i was having the most adorable little boy(8mths)one day per week also, but he is moving and i have offered to pick up (15miles away) as we have a great arrangement that works for us all, but he'll need the same day as my other 8mth old (not possible for two under 1's and equally not enough room in my car even if ofsted agreed as have 4yr mindee and my son of 17mths)
I really need that one day extra to manage! I would consider Two days also, but now i am worrying i won't find it?
I am in Hertford where i have had many enquiries but nothing less than 3 days work???!!!

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roneypony · 02/02/2007 14:44

How about advertising for over 8s which you could mind after school? If you did that every day there is no limit to how many you take

kkey21 · 02/02/2007 21:27

Hi, Thank you for the one and only reply!!!
After school is definately something i would do and i have advertised at my local school already and haven't heard a thing! I am having so many baby enquiries but all seem to be falling on Tues/Weds also!
I am hoping something else comes along very soon!
Thanks again! xx

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ThePrisoner · 03/02/2007 11:46

It's impossible to answer your question really (partly because I don't live in Hertfordshire!) but mainly because it is, basically, just the luck of the draw. I only have one full-time mindee, everyone else is part-time but, luckily, fit together to fill up a week.

I think many childminders work this way, but there is no way to predict what your next phone call will be!

Whilst it isn't something I would personally consider, your only other option is to give notice to part-timers if you get a phone call for a full-timer.

Debbiethemum · 03/02/2007 13:22

Hi Kkey21
Me again - can I offer my two up. As I didn't get made redundant - except I would need Tuesday & Wednesday
It could possibly be term time only as I am trying to change my work pattern

kkey21 · 03/02/2007 17:19


Oh thats so typical, the days i can't do are Tues/Weds!
Term time only sounds great too!
Thats great news about not being made redundant!
If by any chance you need another day or two just let me know!

ThePrisoner-Yes i no its really difficult to advise on a situation that really is just luck really....I do really appreciate your response.
I have had 2 enquiries this week alone both of which needed the days i cannot do! And one of my charges is leaving to go to school in Sept so if situaton doesn't change i will have to go with a full timer as need to pay my mortgage/feed my family etc! Hopefully i will not need to let anyone down as really only need one extra day!

Fingers crossed once again....x

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TenaLady · 03/02/2007 17:28

Are you with a Nanny agency? My Nanny friend had loads of offers for just a couple of days. She was in Stevenage and I think she went to an agency in Hertford.

kkey21 · 03/02/2007 17:40

I am now a childminder although i am NNEB qualified and nannied for 9yrs before having my son now 18mths. I don't really want to go back to the nanny side as it would be very confusing from the tax point of view but equally at the moment i'd happily consider anything!
I am with all the agencies around the area already and there isn't alot of 1-2days where i can take my bubba!

OP posts:
charmedhay · 07/02/2007 11:34

Hi i'm also childminder in Hertford have only got partimer and before after school kids.Need full timer seems to be really quiet at mo

smeeinit · 07/02/2007 14:24

i think we need to encourage parents in herts to breed more because im struggling to find mindees at mo too!!
i think i shall start a campaign to get the parents of herts breeding more!...............whos with me?!!!

charmedhay · 07/02/2007 18:12

I'm with you on that one!!!!!!!!!

kkey21 · 07/02/2007 22:01

Sounds great! I'm with you on that one aswell!

OP posts:
misdee · 07/02/2007 22:03

well i need emergency cover at any point in time (dh waiting for heart transplant) for 3 kids, and i cant find anyone in welwyn that cn do school pick ups lol.

fortunatly a friend is starting soon, and am hoping she will have spaces as well as the other 2 ladies round the corner, so at least the girls will all be in the same street if not in the same house

Debbiethemum · 07/02/2007 22:37

CXharmedhay - can you do a morgans pickup?
If so I may have a full timer & an afterschool for you.
Also looks like hols as well as my request for term time only is not going down to well

Debbiethemum · 07/02/2007 22:38

Also - I may know of another afterschooler, though term time only at Morgans

kkey21 · 08/02/2007 11:33

I hope your all enjoying our snow!!!

I would love term time only children, but obviously with todays mortgage rates i would still need to earn something, so i would charge a half retainer for the time not used.

I am now taken Tuesdays/Wednesdays for under 8's but this will change as of September as my 4yr old charge is going to big school! I will then only have 1 mindee who will then be 16mths old.

I can also provide emergency cover if needed, or one childcare if anyone is interested?

Misdee: Poor you, what a stressful situation without worrying about childcare....Any help needed just ask!


OP posts:
charmedhay · 08/02/2007 14:42

Hi there i already have to pick up from wheatcroft would you be prepared to split them up ?? Really enjoying the snow i'm soaking and freezing now but it was GREAT !!!!!!!!!

charmedhay · 08/02/2007 14:45

I don't mind having children in the hoildays but it just seems to of ended up term time only so no money at all in hoildays , i didn't charge for hoildays becoz i had full time baby and thought along with my 2 it would be to much but got notice from baby before xmas so money is a bit tight !!!!!!

kkey21 · 08/02/2007 15:46

Hi Charmed hay-where abouts are you as i am near wheatcroft!
I have probably met you somewhere!
I am that mad lady who is often seen taking a lovely stroll into town down the hill with a double buggy, then can hardly get back up on the way back! Lots of pitying looks from drivers!

OP posts:
charmedhay · 08/02/2007 15:58

hi met you at park at pinehurst had a giant posse friends with tracey ( u going round tomoz for coffee)

kkey21 · 08/02/2007 17:11

Oh i did wonder! Yes going for coffee in morn. I will just have my son tommorow and Tracy is going to prepare me for ofsted!!

OP posts:
charmedhay · 08/02/2007 19:30

Hi there ,tracey is great she is going to be helping me with my accounts soon !!!!!!!!!

TLC123 · 08/02/2007 20:32

thanks charmedhay, have you warmed up yet?? See you tommorrow kkey21 my house is now a chickenpox free zone!

charmedhay · 08/02/2007 20:38

Feeling warmer had nice hot bath (with kids !) and a nice cup of tea feeling humann now dd and ds sleeping dh out ! peace and quiet

kkey21 · 08/02/2007 21:03

TLC123-Excellent i will be round at 10am! I hope you DD didn't suffer to much with it, poor thing!
My little man still has a bit of a cold, hope that is ok!

I love this thread-its great!

Just need some lovely new mindies now!

OP posts:
charmedhay · 09/02/2007 12:23

Hi there mindees would be great at the moment! have only ds in the day today and he is asking if anybody is coming to play !!Obviously i'm not as much fun as i thought i was !

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